FacialNetwork, Maker of the NameTag Google Glass App, Announces Comprehensive Facial Recognition Product Suite

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Innovative biometric applications such as HealthcareID, LoyaltyID, DeliveryID, and more will revolutionize mobile facial recognition in business, health care, and e-commerce.

Building upon the revolutionary Google Glass facial recognition app “NameTag,” FacialNetwork has revealed a suite of innovative applications that solidify FacialNetwork’s reputation as the world leader in cloud-based facial recognition applications.

“With our new applications, we’ve chosen industries where we can quickly make an impact for the better,” said Kevin Alan Tussy, CEO of FacialNetwork, Inc. “FacialNetwork’s mobile facial recognition apps will forever change what is possible in business, education, health care, e-commerce, law enforcement and public service.”

FacialNetwork is currently demonstrating HealthcareID, a facial recognition application developed to specifically improve identity management across complex systems in hospitals and healthcare facilities. HealthcareID empowers doctors with real-time facial recognition for instant secure access to sensitive data such as personal medical records and protects patients by ensuring that only authorized personnel are permitted to enter restricted areas such as maternity wards.

LoyaltyID by FacialNetwork allows businesses to dramatically improve the levels of personal customer service achieved by their loyalty programs through the use of facial recognition technology. With LoyaltyID, customers can access all the benefits of their loyalty programs without having to scan a card or remember an identification number. By using LoyaltyID, businesses in retail, rental cars, hospitality, and other sectors will greatly enhance customer service by using facial recognition to anticipate customer needs.

TimeClockID by FacialNetwork streamlines workforce tracking and staff authentication in remote locations. With TimeClockID, an employee clocks in and out with their GPS-enabled smartphone by using the camera to scan, verify and save a photo of their face. Employers can now track their workers’ identities and locations using an online dashboard.

The DeliveryID app by FacialNetwork uses cloud-based mobile facial recognition technology to guarantee that valuable, sensitive, or one-of-a-kind items are delivered to the intended recipient and only that person. DeliveryID can be used for valuable or rare items such as jewelry, legal documents, corporate documents or government correspondence. The delivery agent takes a photo of the intended recipient at the door using a mobile device, and only releases the package when the correct match is found using facial recognition.

ReminderID is FacialNetwork’s memory support app for Google Glass and smartphones assists people living with prosopagnosia (face blindness) or other memory-related conditions. It offers users the ability to create profiles for the important people in their lives and access them with their mobile devices. ReminderID helps users to confirm the identities and remember the names of co-workers, family members, friends, doctors, nurses, and other caretakers.

“A couple months ago I received an extremely touching email from a gentleman who has severe prosopagnosia,” Tussy said. “He believed that a facial recognition app on Google Glass would be the only way he could recognize his wife and kids. When I read his story I made it a priority to build ReminderID for him and I’m pleased to say he is already testing a beta version.”

This suite of apps builds on the notoriety of FacialNetwork’s initial beta application, NameTag.

NameTag is the groundbreaking yet controversial Google Glass application that uses the FacialNetwork platform to provide a real-time search engine for people.

“NameTag is a glimpse into the future of how we will connect with people every day,” Tussy said.

The NameTag app became the subject of an international media firestorm in February 2014 when Senator Al Franken wrote a three-page open letter to FacialNetwork expressing his concerns about the power of the technology. Google Glass users can request beta access at http://www.NameTag.ws.

For more information, visit http://www.FacialNetwork.com.

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