Rællic Systems Announces Rællic—a Suite of Communications Privacy Software

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Rællic enables secure written communications between average consumers who do not want the government or other third parties reading their private messages—and Rællic has an innovative edge over other privacy solutions available today.

Rællic protects customers from governmental and private sector intrusions by providing safe communication between clients using state-of-the-art communications security techniques. The software suite serves consumers in three modes, all of which protect communications from technological attack with in-browser 256-bit AES encryption, among other safeguards. Users have passphrases that they use to encrypt and decrypt the data they exchange, making the system truly secure from government and private snooping. The apps are meant for family, friends, and especially business colleagues who want to maintain their privacy in this era of the USA PATRIOT Act and other invasive laws.

The first mode offered is “Normal,” intended to stop the government from reading customers’ private communications without hiding who is talking to whom. Normal mode is similar to regular web-based email, only the government cannot read the contents of the communications. In other words, Rællic encrypts written messages with its user-friendly web interface, and the NSA only sees encrypted data that is useless to anyone but the recipient. Friends, families, and companies can rest assured that their confidential information is safely transmitted without a third party tapping in uninvited.

“Paranoid” mode takes protection a step further. Here, users have passphrases that they use, but the system denies the government the ability to map the user’s network of contacts and friends. Using Paranoid mode, the user sends encrypted text and/or data files generated by Rællic through a medium of the user’s choice, and when the recipient reads a file it is automatically deleted so there is no remaining trace of the communication.

Finally, “Tin Foil Hat” mode goes beyond Paranoid mode and uses an “air gap” to keep the user completely off the grid when using Rællic; no internet or local network can penetrate the system at all. Tin Foil Hat mode is more labor-intensive for the user, but for those who want total security, this option has tremendous appeal. For example, journalists in countries with oppressive regimes can communicate safely and securely with their news organizations and each other by downloading Rællic and generating encrypted messages locally.

Competitors currently offer server-side encryption and communications options using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI); Rællic is different because encryption takes place on-the-fly in the user’s own browser, meaning the server never sees the user’s plaintext. In addition, there are no keys to store or PKI to worry about, meaning the government cannot obtain any user data, even with a warrant and a gag order.

“Rællic is the only software in the public sphere that offers such intensive but easy-to-use data protection to consumers and enterprises worried about interference with their communications. Our products address important gaps in consumer privacy, and they protect people from third party intrusions using the best available technology,” said Andrew Watters, Director of Rællic Systems. “I’m excited to debut Rællic today, and I look forward to supplying this software in order to meet a need in the marketplace that my competitors currently don’t.”

About Rællic Systems:
Founded in 2012, Rællic Systems is a startup based in San Mateo, California, focused on research and development in a variety of areas. The company’s first product, communications software called Rællic, is ready for active use as a prototype. Truth Warrior, the company’s ten-picture film series, is also in active development. Overall, Rællic Systems is a growing R&D studio that is expecting significant achievements in the coming years.

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