From Behind Bars She's Making A Difference

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Inmate author/activist, Jamila T. Davis, is defying the odds. Utilizing her real-life experiences, street credibility and writing skills, she pens her new memoir, She's All Caught Up, causing at-risk youth to think twice before committing crimes.

From behind bars at the Federal Prison Camp For Women, in Danbury, Connecticut, inmate author/activist, Jamila T. Davis, is utilizing her real-life experiences and heroic candidness to write a series of books which are helping to transform the lives of incarcerated women, and has sparked a prison reform movement. Continuing this brazen streak, Davis has penned her first mainstream memoir, She's All Caught Up, which will be officially released in late August (See

Now known as federal prisoner #59253-053, this 37 year old former lead go-to-person in the Hip Hop Music Industry and multimillion dollar real estate investor, who was sentenced to 12 1/2 years for bank fraud, has refused to spend her time in prison in vain. Utilizing the experiences she encountered within her six years of incarceration, which included an intense journey of self-discovery and inner healing, Davis created two unique book series geared to empower incarcerated women.

Her first book series, The Voices of Consequences Enrichment Series (VOC Series), is helping incarcerated women across the country heal, recognize their potential and recapture their dreams. According to testimonies of female prisoners throughout the U.S., this nondenominational, faith-based series, accompanied by workbook/journals and curriculum guides, has become the most dynamic re-entry course for incarcerated women. Davis employs vivid examples that female offenders can easily relate to, along with self-help techniques, in an easy-to-read learning style empowering her readers to dethrone negative thinking habits, heal old wounds and develop positive character traits. This series is the first of its kind written for women behind bars (See

Following the effective results of the VOC Series, Davis created The High Price I Had To Pay book series, to create awareness about the epidemic of mass incarceration and over-sentencing of women. This heart wrenching, true crime series has given incarcerated women a platform to tell their stories. Each volume takes readers behind the scenes into the lives of women serving decade plus sentences behind bars. According to, a new advocacy group created to shed light on the excessive sentences women are serving for nonviolent crimes, the shocking details exposed in this series have sparked the creation of their advocacy group and a prison reform movement to create change (See

Davis is now endeavoring to pierce the hearts of rebellious teens and cause them to think twice before making poor choices, through her new memoir, She's All Caught Up. Inspired by her success in reaching at-risk youth through a prison public speaking group "CHOICES," this book was written to enlighten teens to the severe consequences of adverse choices (See

"Listening to the response of at-risk youth who vowed to deter from crime after hearing my story inspired me to pen She's All Caught Up because I realized my story could make a difference," stated Davis. "If someone who I believed had warned me about the severe consequences I faced for living life in the fast lane, I wouldn't be sitting behind bars today. Now looking back, I wish I would have listened to my parents, stayed in school and strayed away from shortcuts."

In her captivating new memoir, Young Jamila, raised in a nurturing two parent, middle class home in Jamaica-Queens, New York, illustrates the early, negative influences that warped Davis's thinking and caused her life to spiral out of control.

Throughout elementary and middle school, Jamila maintains straight A's, graces the stage at Lincoln Center in dance recitals and tours the country in an off-Broadway play. All is copacetic in the Davis household until high school years when Young Jamila meets her first love- a well known drug dealer from the Southside housing projects in Jamaica, Queens. Poisoned by the thorn of materialism, Jamila's values quickly change. She lusts after independence, power and notoriety; and she chooses life in the fast lane to claim them. When this good girl goes bad, it seems there is no turning back.

"Jamila's tragic fate is sure to get the attention of her readers, including teens who think they "know it all." This riveting memoir is destined to become a classic, making waves in the literary world, and utilized as a sought after educational tool for teachers, psychologists and criminologists who desire to understand the thinking patterns and pitfalls of teens who ultimately land in prison. It is a must have companion for both teens and adults," states journalist and Women's Right Activist, Julian Carter.

"While reading She's All Caught Up, it startled me that I made some of the same mistakes as Young Jamila. It even made me question why? I guess I perceived myself as not being pretty or good enough too, at times. I've also chased after the acceptance of others and did things simply to please them, just like Jamila. But after reading about the tragedy that occurred from the author's mistakes, I am scared to make decisions that could put my life in jeopardy. This book was a wake up call," stated Tawana Taylor, a high school senior from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

It's not an easy task to gain the attention of today's youth, but author Jamila T. Davis's action packed, eye opening story hits home and gives her credibility to gain access. This audacious inmate author/activist is determined to pay her way forward and transform lives of women through her literary work. From behind bars, she's making a difference.

She's All Caught Up is now available at Voices International Publications, 196-03 Linden Blvd, St. Albans, NY 11412,, for $15.00. Also available online via and For more information, visit

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