A Billion Entrepreneurs Strengthens Reach for Global Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneur's pledge was created to assist in the mission of "An Entrepreneur in Every Home".

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) July 17, 2014

A Billion Entrepreneurs (ABE) Foundation is on a mission to find one billion people who are looking to make a difference and be responsible for outcomes. The overall goal is to have an entrepreneur in every family and every home around the world. With this global initiative in mind, ABE has launched, "A Billion Entrepreneurs Pledge".

The pledge allows anyone to declare that they are an entrepreneur. The components of the pledge gives the opportunity to understand what it takes to truly embrace the traits of an entrepreneur. Some key elements of the pledge include; setting values, being responsible for outcomes and mentoring others.

Jimmy Newson, Director of A Billion Entrepreneurs - the movie, states, "When you embrace the traits of an entrepreneur and you are on-purpose, nothing that happens in your life is an accident. You are able to distinguish between opportunity and distraction."

"When you know your purpose and know your values, it is an incredible formula to have an inspired life. My purpose for being on this planet is to inspire entrepreneurship and this is why the pledge was created, " says Rick Sapio, Founder of A Billion Entrepreneurs.

Anyone taking the pledge will be able to download their pledge certificate from the A Billion Entrepreneurs website and post it in their work or home environment to remind them of the oath they took and to keep them on-purpose.

About a Billion Entrepreneurs
A Billion Entrepreneurs (“ABE”) is an inspiring film about finding your purpose and taking responsibility for manifesting that purpose in the world, so that you can have freedom, security, and success in your life.