Pool Safety Tips For California Citizens

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The Modesto-based personal injury attorneys of the Law Offices of Christopher der Manuelian are offering tips on ensuring swimming pools and other bodies of water across Northern California are kept as safe as possible this summer.

Our attorneys know that liability can make itself known even in the most benign of circumstances, and we want to help all citizens of California overcome these obstacles.

School days have given way to pool days in Northern California, which means a drowning danger will be readily apparent.

Attorney Christopher der Manuelian knows this all too well. He and his Modesto personal injury team believe that a desire for fun in the sun should never come at the cost of safety. Mr. der Manuelian had this to say:

“It’s easy for proper supervision to lapse in the summer, when kids are out of school and the world just seems like a brighter place,” said Mr. der Manuelian. “But accidents happen, and when they do, the summer can turn dark indeed. Our attorneys know that liability can make itself known even in the most benign of circumstances, and we want to help all citizens of California overcome these obstacles.”

With that in mind, the Law Offices of Christopher der Manuelian are offering vital safety tips geared toward pool owners and those families who intend to visit a pool or some other body of water this summer.

Pool Owners

Lock It Down- One of the most overlooked liabilities is also the most passive: a person leaving their gate unlocked. When this happens, anyone wandering by could jump into the pool. If this leads to drowning, it can also lead to a personal injury lawsuit filed against the property owner. Keep all entries to the pool locked to prevent such an occurrence.

Alarming Circumstances- To further eliminate mischief, and to keep one’s own young children from entering the water unsupervised, a pool owner ought to look into the possibility of installing an alarm system that goes off when the surface of the water is broken. These systems can mean the difference between a water rescue and a potential tragedy.

To The Rescue- No pool is complete without the necessary safety gear available to facilitate a rescue. A pool owner should have life jackets, life preservers, and lifeguard ropes at the ready to haul people in when necessary.

Training Day- Rescue gear may not cut it if the person who’s supposed to be using the equipment doesn’t know the proper techniques. Sign up for a class offering such tutelage, and also register for CPR while you’re at it.


Intoxicated Swimming- Don’t sneak a cooler in to a public pool or get sloshed at a friend’s pool party. When a person is drunk, their motor skills are diminished considerably, and this can easily lead to a drowning if an individual isn’t careful. Keep such a situation from happening in the first place by deciding beforehand if you’re going to drink or if you’re going to swim.

Superb Supervision- The mere presence of a lifeguard or a flotation device does not automatically get parents off the hook from lending the proper supervision to children. A parent must watch their kids like a hawk so that they can act should danger present itself.

Bacterial Threat- Given that many pools benefit from chlorine, some people feel that bacteria won’t pose a danger. This simply isn’t the case. Fecal matter and any number of other contaminants can be transmitted through pool water, especially that which is swallowed. Always shower before and after swimming, and make sure kids know they shouldn’t drink pool water or turn the water into an impromptu toilet.

Off The Deep End- A person should always stay well within their physical capabilities when in the water, making sure to take breaks in order to prevent fatigue. For many adults, the danger of overdoing it may not become apparent in a pool but will certainly come into play on a lake or in the ocean, the latter of which carries the risk of riptides. Always know when to call it a day rather than push beyond the breaking point.

The Law Offices of Christopher Der Manuelian are a Modesto personal injury law firm. With more than 26 years of litigation experience and a list of notable successes under its belt, CDM Law has long been a touchstone of the Northern California legal community. For more information about the practice, including its work in auto accident litigation, workers’ compensation, premises liability, and other personal injury matters, visit the website here. Free consultations are offered to all those who believe they have a case.

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