John Carvalho Challenges Conventional Wisdom Regarding World Problems And Human Psychology In Provocative, New Book “The Crisis Of Our Time”

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John Carvalho challenges conventional wisdom regarding world problems such as global health, economic recessions, planetary climate change, and human psychology in provocative, new book “The Crisis Of Our Time.”

Controversy can be revolutionary, and Dr. John Carvalho frequently challenges his readers to think beyond the boundaries of conventional, human wisdom while attempting to solve difficult problems. For the past decade, he has stood at the forefront of experimental and theoretical investigation and has educated society about the newest science or stimulating philosophy. Now, in Los Angeles, California, he announces the international release of his provocative, new book “The Crisis of Our Time” (published by AuthorHouse). In this opus, Carvalho explores the internal and external struggles facing both humanity and the individual as he addresses his personal life story and how it relates to wider world issues. In so doing, his views once again suggest that we, both individually and societally, need to peer deeper into the human condition, and even “reality” itself, so that resolution of present struggles can be attained.

“This autobiographical discourse, as I call it, tackles the key issues presently plaguing our society: global health and spread of infectious diseases, economic recession, planetary climate change, fiscal austerity, and the personal, psychological stress that we encounter while we try to find meaning amidst a world of apparent purposelessness,” says the former Harvard scholar and world traveler. “Though many of us and our institutions think we strive for excellence, my new book reveals that we merely glorify mediocrity and, consequently, our problems persist. In Crisis, I expand on my theory of ‘causal circular systems’ and show how causes, that have mediocrity as their foundation, feed off and exacerbate effects, which, in turn, reinforce those same causes. In fact, I take the scientific theory from biology and global health and reveal how it pertains to other matters, like economics, climate change, foreign affairs, and even the mystery of our human mortality.”

As Examiner Magazine states this week: “Dr. John Carvalho has led a wondrous life. His personal CV portrays a man who is a diverse careerist: scholar, scientist, statesman, world traveler, philosopher, teacher, human rights activist, and, most recently, arts and entertainment advocate for the film and music industries. This complex repertoire symbolizes an active life and an energetic mind.”

It also reveals that John Carvalho’s intriguing life has made him a “renaissance scholar” who is fit to address the complex variety of issues he analyzes in Crisis.

“One of the fun things about writing my new book was to link what appeared to be many, unrelated, life episodes into a coherent, meaningful whole that would have relevance for everyone,” says Carvalho.

Indeed, The Crisis of Our Time is bold, daring, shocking, and instructive, and will likely have its advocates and adversaries in both the academic community and the broader society.

“I really challenge the reader to look into his or her complete unity of conscious experience in Crisis,” says Carvalho, “and I believe the book really is divided into three, general parts, with the latter being the most outlandish and yet powerful. Each of these three sections emerges as a unified, coherent philosophy of life that is grounded in the human journey for excellence. It reveals to us that what we may easily dismiss as unimportant or even ludicrous is actually a critical piece to answering the enigma of the human condition and the riddle of reality—a critical piece to answer the fundamental, perennial question: why is there something rather than absolutely nothing at all? Crisis shows us that our philosophical questions relate to our practical, world problems.”

The Crisis of Our Time is a 372-page opus that Carvalho, in Examiner Magazine, calls “an artistic work exhibiting philosophical, scientific, and historical depth.” Its stylistic nature is accessible to everyone, but is unseen in nonfiction and will likely leave scholars and the lay public intrigued. Indeed, in The Crisis Of Our Time, John Carvalho has not only pushed the boundaries of human wisdom, but also “literature” itself.

Dr. John Carvalho states that he will be giving book signings around the nation this year, and that he is furthering the message of Crisis through film. On August 10th, 2014 he will host a red carpet event and book launch at Bugatta in Hollywood.

AuthorHouse, the world leader in print-on-demand, is the publisher for The Crisis of Our Time. The Indiana-based company lists over 60,000 book titles, including those written by Hollywood celebrities, U.S. Senators, and best selling, career authors. The company, via collaboration, has 38,000 retailers worldwide including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Baker and Taylor. A number of its printed books have been converted into Hollywood motion pictures.

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