Skypatrol GPS Devices Provide Broadest Most Reliable CDMA Coverage in US, Mexico and Canada

The Skypatrol Defender 2.0 CDMA GPS system provides the broadest and most dependable North American coverage through its Verizon partnership which was announced in January. Verizon partners in Mexico and Canada make coverage seamless across borders.

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Our Verizon CDMA offering also insulates Skypatrol customers from service sunset scenarios facing some operators.

Miami, FL (PRWEB) July 18, 2014

Skypatrol confirmed today that their partnership with Verizon Wireless allows its GPS tracking devices to operate seamlessly across borders in North America. Key partners in Mexico and Canada support the Verizon Wireless CDMA network. This combined presence affords Skypatrol the broadest and most comprehensive wireless coverage available in North America.

Unequalled CDMA coverage in North America adds another layer of support and assurance to Skypatrol customers. Infrastructure that is both robust and obsolescence proof is the basis for all Skypatrol GPS tracking and monitoring solutions. “This coverage, supported by the broadest and most dependable wireless coverage in North America, allows us to provide solutions to all our customers,” said Robert Rubin, Skypatrol CEO. He went on to say, “Our Verizon CDMA offering also insulates Skypatrol customers from service sunset scenarios facing some operators.”

The capability to operate across borders is increasingly important given the growth of the Skypatrol customer base in Mexico, Canada and US communities that border Mexico and Canada. Providing GPS tracking solutions that easily cross borders on the Verizon CDMA wireless network is just one more way Skypatrol demonstrates its commitment to supporting customer needs.

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