New Books: Fallen Beloved and An Angel From Above

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Immediate release by Paul Morabito on details including the life and legacy of the angel. Fallen Beloved introduces the open religious society entitled Protectors of the Word.

I want to tell the real story of a beautiful angel God sent into my family. I thank Him with all the profoundness of my heart to have sent my loving son, Carmelo. Having faith in the Lord, our Creator, we must always glorify God.

Background Information

Paul Morabito is an American born fiction/nonfiction author raised in a close knit Italian-American family in the state of New Jersey. He had an amazing childhood until the sudden tragic death of his dear brother, Carmelo. It was this event that stirred the will and desire to succeed physically, mentally and artistically to make his brother and family proud. Paul took on and enjoyed martial arts where he excelled at a very young age. Determined to find another passion, Paul stumbled upon chess and another hidden musical talent which made him form a local band with childhood friends. He soon played lead guitar for many years to come as an accomplished musician. His love for music grew and still remains to this day as does his desire to release a solo album in the future.

On the path to achieving a degree in pharmacy, Paul discovered a great interest in English Literature where he focused on masterpiece tragedies and works such as those written by Shakespeare, Chaucer, and Poe. Little was known that this would spark a fire of inspiration to jump into the world of writing where creative minds blossom and run free. His career took over a decade long hiatus but was blessed with two beautiful princesses who are his everything. The urge to continue with his dream led to the release of two latest projects in the same year, both stemming from an Evangelical Christian background. The author’s faith in God remains strong and he entrusts his life, children and career in His hands. Paul plans to continue writing across all fictional genres and start filming his first cinematic production.


Completed the publishing of six pieces of work including Making Money In Today's Economy, The Preying Grounds and the fiction fantasy epic adventure series Plane Hell.

A Quick Look at Fallen Beloved

When a small town journalist stumbles upon a local story of an elderly man with unearthly healing powers, he gets into more than bargained for. What started as a spellbinding miracle of biblical proportions has now turned into a manhunt. Jack Waters, the town reporter, suspects foul play. Some say the stranger is a gift from God, while others believe he is the devil himself. Once Jack's only daughter is diagnosed with a terminal illness, he is confronted with a major decision. Does he sit back and watch his own flesh and blood waste away, or does he schedule an appointment with Gud. With authorities hot on Gud's trail, Jack soon becomes a new suspect in the case. Just how far is he willing to go to save his daughter's life? Jack finds the quest for writing the news-breaking story makes him the headliner. This book also introduces the first glimpse into the world of The Protectors, a real life religious society established for spreading and protecting the Word of God at any cost.

A Quick Look at An Angel From Above

An Angel From Above is the inspiring true story of an Italian American author, Marfisa Morabito. It describes the joyous memories and trials and tribulations which she endured throughout her lifetime. It's a story of hope and strength which grew from Christian faith. It entails deep pain of losing a precious son and having victory in Christ Jesus. Including glorious days, dreams, visions and miracles, she provides comfort to those facing similar life struggles and is an inspiration to those from all walks of life.

"I want to tell the real story of a beautiful angel God sent into my family from Heaven. I thank Him with all the profoundness of my heart to have sent my loving son, Carmelo. Having faith in the Lord, our Creator, we must always glorify God in good times and bad, in joy and pain."

Future Releases

Follow your favorite adventurers into another Plane of existence as they journey onward to face the third ruler in Plane Hell: The Amulet of Fire. The faithful religious warrior group known as Protectors of the Word will be coming to life in the new Protectors of the Word Handbook.

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Fallen Beloved (Available in paperback and Kindle format)
206 Pages $13.95
ISBN: 1475255012
ISBN-13: 978-1475255010

An Angel From Above (Available in paperback and Kindle format)
353 Pages $14.95
ISBN: 1482734079
ISBN-13: 978-1482734072

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