Sarasota Republicans of District 74 Make It Known that Richard DeNapoli Will Win Their Vote in the Primary Election on August 26, 2014.

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Richard DeNapoli takes a huge lead (49% to 26%) in an independent poll against his opponent, and he is looking like the winner to become the next Florida State House Representative for Sarasota’s District 74.

Richard DeNapoli is a Constitutional Conservative who was encouraged to run for Florida’s State House District 74 by many in the district who support him and believe in his ability to act as Florida’s next State House Representative, due to his knowledge on public policy issues, his experience, and multi-faceted background.

Sarasota County’s District 74 includes parts of Northport, Venice, Englewood, Plantation, Nokomis and parts of Laurel. The registered Republicans in this district have clearly chosen who they will vote for this primary election day – with a 49% to 26% lead in an independent poll, the overwhelming majority wants to see victory go to Richard DeNapoli in becoming Sarasota’s next District 74 State House Representative. Details of this poll can be found at:

Richard DeNapoli is gaining favor as the trustworthy Republican in this race, and the registered Republican population in Sarasota’s District 74 is certainly seeing it that way as well.

Richard DeNapoli is a Republican and a native Floridian who wants to take Florida down a path of prosperity through job creation. He has law experience, banking experience and served on the Florida Real Estate Commission. Richard DeNapoli is a proud family man who is married to the brilliant and beautiful Brigita who just gave birth in 2012 to a bright and handsome son, Victor DeNapoli.

Richard DeNapoli’s lead in the polls is evidence of who now has the Republican Party’s approval, and he seems to be leading this race with a sterling reputation for being a true conservative who sincerely cares about critical issues. Issues at hand are foster care, as DeNapoli spent about a year in foster care as a youth himself, as well as the issues of struggling seniors - being raised by his grandparents, DeNapoli has seen first hand the protection and support senior citizens are in need of, and has always vowed to fight for what is important to them. DeNapoli has also voiced his plan for growing Florida’s economy and realizing prosperity for all residents of the Sunshine State. Other issues imperative to Richard DeNapoli include health care reform, improving education in the state with an opposition to the Common Core standard, and gun ownership rights.

Richard DeNapoli also brings to the table a wealth of experience in a variety of crucial areas, and an education that boasts of degrees in Law from the University of Miami School of Law, as well as in Estate Planning, and Politics. DeNapoli has also earned certifications in the Real Estate and Mortgage industries. His diligent work ethic is clearly visible with his time served in 2007 as Chairman of The Broward County Republican Party, as well as his election to the head of the Real Estate Commission in the State.

For more information about the Republican frontrunner for Sarasota’s District 74 State House Representative, Richard DeNapoli, go to: Residents of Sarasota County can locate their voting precinct at: so they can be sure to show up to vote in the primary election on August 26th, 2014.

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