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Many people aren’t sure how to react when presented with a potentially hazardous personal injury situation in the making. That’s why the Law Offices of Christopher Der Manuelian, no strangers to the world of personal injury themselves, are providing tips on those circumstances where taking action is the only responsible choice.

...every once in awhile, you’ll stumble across some serious safety issue that simply can’t be ignored.

At some point in their lives, almost everyone will be in an uncomfortable situation where they’re forced to contact the authorities. Distinguishing the circumstances where this is proper is a little more difficult than it initially seems.

Not every dangerous situation is going to be as blatant as watching a vehicle get stolen, a person get mugged, or a bank get held up. Many dangerous predicaments are a little less obvious, leading onlookers to be more passive than they otherwise should.

The Law Offices of Christopher Der Manuelian want to help citizens recognize the difference between instances of passivity from those where it’s a person’s civic duty to intervene. In his decades of offering legal help in personal injury lawsuits, Mr. der Manuelian knows that a third party picking up the phone can be the difference between life and death.

“It’s our natural tendency to not interfere in the lives of others, especially if that person is a complete stranger,” said Mr. der Maneulian. “But every once in awhile, you’ll stumble across some serious safety issue that simply can’t be ignored. While we would never encourage someone to put themselves in harm’s way, other tactics, including a call to the authorities, might be enough to save a life.”

To that end, anyone who finds themselves encountering the following situations are being provided with tips on how to act:

Hot Cars- Should a person ever see a child or a pet left alone in a car, that person should place an immediate call to 911. Pets and young children don’t sweat like adults do (as pointed out in this August 4, 2011 WebMD article entitled "Danger: Kids Left in Hot Cars"), and even a few minutes in the sun on a mild day can make the interior sweltering. Dial the police, and also think about breaking a window to get the child or pet out of the vehicle. If it comes to this, make sure to protect the occupants and yourself from shattered glass.

Drunk Driving- Anyone who sees another vehicle behaving erratically should dial 911 to report the prospective drunk driver. It’s best to have a passenger do this to avoid distracted driving laws in place in California and other states. Telltale signs of intoxication include an inability to maintain a consistent speed, veering in and out of a lane, and delayed reactions at stop signs and red lights.

Reckless Driving- Whenever a person gets it in their mind that they have to ride directly behind other vehicles in a threatening manner, or if they begin to gesticulate and curse, other drivers are within their rights to call the police. In the meantime, the best course of action is to slow down, get in the right lane, and let that driver pass by.

Spills- Although wet floors and spills may not immediately scream danger the way some of these other points do, one false step is all it takes for an individual to sustain a debilitating injury. Persons who detect a spill or some other tripping hazard ought to flag down a manager or property owner to alert them to the danger.

Prowling- Persons who know their neighbors are out of town or not at home should take note of strangers circling a residence or spending an inordinate amount of time peering in the windows or trying the front door. Call the neighbor if their contact information is readily available, or speak to the police if behavior seems suspicious. Do not confront the person yourself.

Texting and Driving- Individuals who find themselves as passengers of vehicles should speak up if the driver takes out their phone to talk or text. Ask them to kindly pull over or wait to communicate, or even offer to send the text or talk to the person on the other line.

Car Crash- Whenever a person witnesses a collision, he or she should pull over near the scene, verify the condition of those involved, and call the police. In addition to getting emergency assistance there quickly, a witness acting in this manner will be able to lend their vital testimony to subsequent police investigations, insurance inquiries, and lawsuits.

The Law Offices of Christopher Der Manuelian are a Modesto personal injury law firm. With more than 26 years of litigation experience and a list of notable successes under its belt, CDM Law has long been a touchstone of the Northern California legal community. For more information about the practice, including its work in auto accident litigation, workers’ compensation, premises liability, and other personal injury matters, click here. Free consultations are offered to all those who believe they have a case.

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