3 Tips To Finding The ‘New Normal’ With An Ex

The online divorce team at MyDivorcePapers.com (MDP) shares some tips for finding a “new normal” that everyone involved can tolerate after a divorce. Here's what they recommend.

(PRWEB) July 25, 2014

The online divorce team at MyDivorcePapers.com (MDP) know that it isn’t always possible to sever ties with an ex once the papers are final. Specifically when children are a part of the relationship, it’s likely that divorced couples will need to share the same room many times throughout the remainder of their lives. This reality has led MDP to share tips for finding a “new normal” that everyone involved can tolerate. Here's what they recommend.

Tip One: Center Conversations On The Child

MDP urges couples who’ve recently filed divorce papers to think of the kids first. “It’s a lot easier to sit down in the same room and celebrate a birthday if you’re both committed to the child first after the divorce,” a rep explained. “Try to talk to your spouse about the things that will be best for the kid — not talking bad about each other, sharing some rules at both houses in order to provide a sense of structure and stability, acquiescing to what the child wants for special occasions like birthdays and Christmas.”

Tip Two: Don’t Try To Be Friends

Once a couple decides to file for divorce, MDP notes, it’s very hard to maintain an authentic friendship, and that isn’t something that should be forced. “You can’t force yourself to feel a certain affinity for someone, especially when you’ve just divorced them,” the rep said. “Your children are smart, and they’ll be able to see right through any efforts at faux friendship because they pick up on tension. It’s far better to be civil and honest with one another. If the friendship happens naturally, that’s fine.”

Tip Three: Respect Each Other’s Time

If there are stipulations to the divorce — particularly involving childcare — then MDP urges couples to honor those commitments no matter what, unless an agreeable solution can be reached with enough advance notice to not put the other person in a bind. “It comes down to respecting time,” the rep said. “If you’re annoyed by a last-minute change of plans around Christmas, just think about how annoyed your ex is when you do something similar. If you need to change plans, change them, but do it with enough notice that your ex can plan ahead.”

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