An Ancient Science, Discovered by the Faram Research Foundation, is Presented in the Recently Released Book "La Merica".

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The foundation's recently released book "La Merica" exposes an ancient science that could change the history books forever.

"I'm going to build my secrets into the Geometry of these buildings, because I know that books can be burned but buildings not so easily." - Thomas Jefferson

According to the author of the book "La Merica", there has been a recent scientific discovery that may rewrite history. An investigative historian, Arthur Faram, while doing research on another project, discovered an ancient science that, according to previous carbon dating studies on a number of the geoglyphic sites used in the science, dates back prior to 25,000 BC. The author states that the ancient science appears to be the Sacred Geometry that has been mentioned in historical articles for hundreds of years.

After the foundation determined that this science had not been mentioned in any previous publications, The Faram Research Foundation named the ancient science Geoglyphology. “Geo” for earth, “glyph” for writing and “ology“ indicating the study of... . The foundation's research on the protocols of the ancient science indicated that the original function of Geoglyphology, by the ancients, was to mark and claim territories. Since the science was apparently used to mark large territories, which were claimed by the originator of the geoglyphs, the resultant findings have the potential to rewrite history.

The book states that previously accepted carbon dating of some of the related geoglyphs and monoliths used in the science, indicates that the ancient science has been secretly passed down for millennia. The author implies that the science, being used primarily to outline territories, was passed down from its inception in ancient times until the 19th Century.

The book La Merica reveals that ancient civilizations have, for millennia, passed down this previously secret science as a method to outline the boundaries of ancient civilizations around the world. The book includes over 150 photos, graphs and diagrams which show that, during their constant battle to expand, control, and identify their territories, ancient civilizations have left a legacy of geoglyphs on the shores and highlands of land masses and islands around the world.

One chapter in the book implies that applying the ancient science of Geoglyphology, to the voyage of Christopher Columbus, greatly expands the knowledge associated with his voyage. After following the historically recorded route of Columbus the foundation found geoglyphs (Survey Markers) located at the points of landing along his route. These survey markers show that the coasts of the Americas were known before Columbus arrived in the Caribbean. Photos in the book show survey markers, which Columbus placed along his points of landing. These survey markers outline the south coast of North America, the north coast of South America and the West Coast of Central (Meso) America. The book explores the implication that the survey markers indicate that Columbus was not on an exploratory expedition but on a mission to claim territory for his sponsor, Spain. When the foundation applied the ancient science to these survey markers, the territory that was mapped out consisted of the islands of the Caribbean, the Gulf of Mexico, and the land mass of Central America. The book also explains why North and South America were not included in Spain's land claim.

The book indicates that there was world travel and communication millennia ago. The author points out physical evidence which, when tied into the immense amount of other evidence available around the world, implies that there was world communication much earlier than most would admit.

Arthur Faram is a graduate of Dallas Baptist University and responsible for creating the first comprehensive Background Check Company in the United States. His concept exists to this day in the form of personal and corporate background checks. Mr. Faram is also a computer analyst and has attained many technical research techniques and certifications.


La Merica, Foundation Press, Arthur Faram - 2013,

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