Great Oral Health Launches a Patent-Pending Advanced Oral Probiotics Formula

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A new oral health care product company called Great Oral Health is launching its first product, a patent-pending Advanced Oral Probiotics supplement. Founded by Dr. Paul O’Malley, DDS, a noted dental health expert and natural cosmetic dentistry specialist, Great Oral Health will focus on developing and marketing a line of revolutionary oral probiotics and other natural oral health care products formulated to improve gum health, dental health and overall oral hygiene.

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All Natural Advanced Oral Probiotics

Oral probiotics could revolutionize the way we view and treat gum disease, tooth loss and poor oral health

Great Oral Health is proud to announce the launch of its first product, an Advanced Oral Probiotics formulation. We strongly hope these products will play a powerful role in eradicating what the Surgeon General has called a "silent epidemic" of dental and oral health disease in this country.

Dr. Paul O'Malley DDS, the Founder of Great Oral Health, said, "Oral probiotics could revolutionize the way we view and treat gum disease, tooth loss and poor oral health. This natural approach harnesses the native power of beneficial bacteria and microorganisms to create a more balanced ecology in your mouth.”

In the company’s mission statement, O’Malley says that Great Oral Health’s aim is to “dramatically improve worldwide oral care by introducing truly effective, simple, natural, non-toxic and affordable products … [and] really making a global impact in the rampant occurrence of gum disease, bad breath, tooth decay and related health problems.”

Our Advanced Oral Probiotics restore the natural balance of oral bacteria that is often disrupted by the overexposure to sugars, chemicals, drugs and stress that all go with our modern life.

Restoring a proper balance inhibits the growth of the bad bacteria that can lead to tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath, and repopulates the oral cavity with beneficial bacteria.

The positive results include not only naturally fresher breath and a healthier mouth, but may also extend to improved ear, nose and throat health.

After close to 10 years of extensive research and development, the Austin, Texas-based C-Corporation’s first product to market is an Advanced Oral Probiotics. These are chewable tablets packed with a proprietary blend of 7 probiotics for naturally fresher breath and a healthier mouth. The chewable tablets make it easier for people young and old to add to their teeth-brushing routine before bed.

After brushing teeth at night, the user chews two tablets and swishes the solution around the mouth to distribute the probiotics evenly, then swallows the solution. This process coats the oral cavity and the beneficial bacteria is able to populate the entire mouth, gums, ears, throat and sinuses. It is 100 percent natural, safe to swallow and tastes great as well.

Advanced Oral Probiotics comes in a conventional factory-sealed bottle, each containing 60 tablets for $27.95 online via Amazon (includes shipping). The tablets are manufactured with "Live-Bac®" technology, which insures lasting active bacterial strains and ease of storage.

Great Oral Health has completed manufacture of the initial release of Advanced Oral Probiotics and the chewable tablets will be available to consumers online via Amazon by Aug. 1, 2014.

The next product from Great Oral Health is a revolutionary, all-natural, advanced toothpaste. It is in final stages of lab testing and is slated for release in 2015.

Great Oral Health has a company website at that details Dr. O’Malley’s three-decades-plus in dentistry (which also includes two years on the Discovery Channel as a dentist on the “10 Years Younger” series), why he founded Great Oral Health, what probiotics are and why they are essential to balanced dental hygiene.

The website also details exactly how to use Advanced Oral Probiotics and how the formula works to restore a natural balance of oral bacteria.

Testimonials from beta testers ranging from soccer moms with kids to dental and health care specialists present the positive results the product’s beta-testers have experienced.

For example: “The best news is, for a cavity-prone kid, [my daughter] had no cavities at her last dentist appointment.” – Paula Klein, Los Angeles.

And: “I have been using the Great Oral Health ‘Advanced Oral Probiotics’ for three weeks now. My mouth feels cleaner and fresher. I wake up in the morning with a fresher taste in my mouth. Plus, my teeth feel clean for the rest of the day. I would definitely recommend this to my patients for long-term […].”– Dr. Jim Hartzel, DDS CDT.

Great Oral Health website visitors are also invited to sign up for priority notification and discounts as Advanced Oral Probiotics and other new Great Oral Health products become available to the public worldwide.

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Great Oral Health was founded in 2011 by Dr. Paul O'Malley, DDS a specialist in natural cosmetic dentistry. Its focus is the development and release of a line of revolutionary oral health care products. Great Oral Health is headquartered in Austin, Texas and is a USA based C-Corp.

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