iAbrasive:How to Select Grinding Wheel

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As a professional platform for abrasives industry, iAbrasive has been popular among China abrasives manufacturers. iAbrasive introduces how to select grinding wheel.

Abrasives and Abrasive Products Marketplace

Abrasives and Abrasive Products Marketplace

1. Check the Surface

Check the surface of grinding wheels to see whether there are cracks, damage or the inner surface is complete. China standard product should at least show manufacturer factory name, brand, abrasive grains number, grit, hardness, peak working speed, production date, etc. the outside package or specification is suggested clearly shows business license number and QS. If all the information is included, then the company is a formal company with certain scale, even if problems occur during use, consumers can have evidences to check. Exquisite package and printed Anti-counterfeiting barcode is the distinctive features of formal products that are different from fake goods. Look carefully at grinding wheel surface, a good surface should be smooth.

2. Pay Attention to Production Date

Abrasives made of resin and rubber bonding agents are easy to get wet or frozen,so China standard for these abrasives is not more than a year.

3. Listen to the Sound

Hit slightly the grinding wheel with a small wooden hammer, if you can hear roup, it indicates that inner grinding wheel has cracks. A good grinding wheel will have whispering sound, but not harsh. If you've used a grinding wheel for some time, look at its side, there will be no abrasion, then it is a good one. The smooth surface suggests abrasive grains are crisp and hard, thus it is good for cutting and grinding.

4. Prohibition of Use

If you find that there are cracks or other forms of damage on grinding wheel surface, or roup and overdue grinding wheel shall be prohibited to use.

5. Carrying Notice

Abrasives are easy to be damaged, so when carrying them, one should be careful not to vibration or hit it. It should be stored based on shapes, sizes and be put into different shelves or boxes. If overlapped, usually the height should be less than one meters. Grinding wheels made of rubber and resin bonding agent should be prevented from deformation, and be careful to moisture proof.

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