Fairwood Chiropractic & Physical Therapy Provides Safety Tips to Prevent Summer Injuries

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Jason Peisley, D.C., Founder and Clinic Director of Fairwood Chiropractic & Physical Therapy, provides safety tips to help people avoid suffering injuries while participating in various outdoor activities or traveling on vacation this summer. For a limited time, potential patients can now receive an Examination and X-Rays for only $37.

Summer is a fun season, but it is also an especially fatal season for serious injuries

Whether it is playing golf, biking or swimming this summer, many people might be participating in outdoor sports more frequently than they normally would, especially if that includes activities that may be slightly more physically demanding than they are used to.

“Summer is a fun season, but it is also an especially fatal season for serious injuries,” said Dr. Jason Peisley, Clinic Director of Fairwood Chiropractic & Physical Therapy.

“Moving around and using different muscles of your body that may have previously been inactive or sluggish during the winter months typically puts many individuals at higher risk for fatal injuries.”

Dr. Peisley is no stranger towards treating patients for a wide range of injuries, from leg or foot sprains to severe back, neck and shoulder pain. Throughout his extensive years of chiropractic practice, Dr. Peisley has helped patients reduce or eliminate pain through conducting a complete health evaluation and employing a holistic treatment approach.

“As a chiropractor, my goal is to always discover and put an end to the underlying cause of your pain, as opposed to treating the symptoms,” Dr. Peisley continued.

“Many patients come to me with recurring health issues they have had for years, not understanding why they won’t stop hurting or aching,” shared Dr. Peisley.

“The bad news is, their health problems may have been left untreated for long periods of time, compounding the negative effects those symptoms might have on the patient’s body, leaving the patient at advanced risk for even more severe injuries.”

“The good news, however, is that everyone can take the necessary precautions to avoid serious injury during the summer,” said Dr. Peisley, as he shared the following safety tips for individuals of all ages:

1. Staying hydrated is crucial in keeping muscles working efficiently, as well as to prevent headaches or more harmful effects such as fainting, dizziness or rapid heartbeat.

2. Prepare your muscles accordingly by warming them up through light, long stretches, especially if you haven’t played a certain sport in a long time.

3. Be mindful of your physical capabilities and know when to stop before you reach dangerous limits.

4. Find a partner or invite someone along, even if it is a traditionally solitary sport such as running, kayaking, or even just walking, as this will ensure that someone will be there to help in case of injury.

“One of the worst feelings in the world is getting injured while you’re on vacation,” concluded Dr. Peisley. “You’ve worked hard all year and should be enjoying well-deserved time off with family or friends instead of seeking emergency care or medical treatment.”

About Fairwood Chiropractic & Physical Therapy

Since 2011, Jason Peisley, D.C., Founder and Clinic Director of Fairwood Chiropractic & Physical Therapy, has been helping patients in Toledo, Ohio reduce or eliminate pain and improve overall wellness–the healthy way–without drugs or surgery. Dr. Peisley offers customized treatment plans that unblock vital healing communications in the body and rid the body of toxins. He transforms the lives of his patients from painfully sick to energetically well. His results-oriented approach puts an end to the cause of the condition rather than treating symptoms. In this way, his patients can get off the medical merry-go-round of being sick and staying sick. Many patients, for the first time in their lives, have a proven solution to stop pain, regain their health and improve their quality of life. Dr. Peisley’s patients are Fairwood Fans; they feel better, sleep better, walk better, look better and they have Dr. Peisley to thank for their newfound energy, health and vitality.

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