Ventura County Solar Installation Company Guarantee To Beat Any Competitor

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Aram Solar guarantees to beat any competitor’s price in Ventura County by up to $5000 or they will provide $250 to prospects that they cannot help. Contact Aram Solar by visiting or call them at 1 (866) 6-SOLAR-6.

Aram Solar specializes in the field of Solar Photovoltaic Electric Generators. Aram Solar’s large volume of inventory allows them to pass on saving to the consumer, guaranteed. Aram Solar backs up their guarantee to beat any competitor’s price by up to $5000 or they will provide $250 to prospects that they cannot help. Their relationships with product manufacturers spans the globe. Aram Solar sells and installs equipment developed by the leading manufacturers in the solar industry. These relationships provide Aram Solar with option, and option allows us to use the right product specifically fitted for their customer’s Solar System.

Who is Aram Solar?
Knowledge is power in the future of renewable energy, and Aram Solar is the leader of the Solar Revolution. By staying on top of the technology, and pioneering new techniques Aram Solar’s installations have been the leading example of how to maximize solar efficiency, and reducing cost to a level where subsidies are no longer required.

Aram Solar Customer service:
Their sales and service department answer directly to Aram Alexander the company’s owner. This direct communication guarantees our customers get their questions answered, and their desires met. Aram Solar Representatives are required to set the standard for building relationships with the consumer, and working with competitors to raise the level of education in the solar industry.

Aram Solar Installation Team:
Training and education is the key to the Aram Solar Installation Team’s quality of workmanship. PG&E classes, Product Training, and continued education is required for all Aram Solar Employees. The Aram Solar World Class Training Facility has been training their installers along with other installers from within the industry. Creating the standard for their industry that is sufficient for the market, and building codes is what sets Aram Solar apart from other companies.

Save Money by Day and Sleep Better at Night
When a homeowner makes the informed choice to go solar, they’ll sleep better knowing that they’re doing their part to preserve the environment and leave a cleaner world for their children. Better yet, they'll applaud their sound financial decision every month when their meager utility bill arrives. they'll reduce the amount of energy that they purchase from their utility, lower your electricity costs, and provide a measure of protection against future utility rate hikes.

their Utility Meter Spins Backwards with Net Metering
With net metering, their electric meter tracks their net power useage, spinning forward when they use electricity from the utility, and backward when their system generates more electricity than they need. Their local utility or can provide specific details on the net metering program in their area.

How Net Metering Works
During the day, their solar system "banks" any surplus electricity they produce on the grid, feeding it back to the utility and generating a credit on their bill. The more electricity they produce, the more that they save. At night, the system automatically siphons the electricity that they need from the grid. This forward and backward flow of electricity is completely automatic, and provides a smooth, uninterrupted flow of power for all of their household needs. Contact Aram Solar by visiting or call them at 1 (866) 6-SOLAR-6.

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