Learn Ear Training with the “Built in” Instrument: Muse-eek.com Presents “Ear Training: One Note, Vocal Version”

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For years, Ear Training products have been best sellers for the Muse-Eek Publishing Company. Now the company offers Ear Training utilizing the human voice in its mp3 exercises instead of an instrument, and it’s making a difference.

Ear Training One Note Vocal Version

Ear Training One Note Vocal Version

It seemed a logical step to bring the Ear Training courses to those musicians who might find the human voice to be the most accessible vehicle for learning.

Having a finely developed ear is essential for anyone who aspires to be a musician, and for many years Muse Eek Publishing has offered ground-breaking products for students to achieve exactly that. The various courses all use the Bruce Arnold System, which he has developed over almost 40 years of teaching, and which has shown impressive and proven success.

Until now, most of these courses utilized the piano to play the notes involved in the exercises. Eventually some of the courses branched out into using other instruments,brass and wind being prominent. But at one point Mr. Arnold realized that it might be more attractive and useful to use sounds that had a closer affinity with particular students.

He created an ear training course for Heavy Metal guitarists using distortion driven guitar sounds, and found that a whole new student clientele responded favorably. It seemed a logical step to bring the Ear Training courses to those musicians who might find the human voice to be the most accessible vehicle for learning. Everyone has a voice, and perhaps being able to hear the various pitches via a sound that relates most directly to one’s own body, rather than an outside sound, like an instrument, might aid in the absorption of the training.

Although this particular version of the Ear Training system can be used by any musician, it is most likely that singers who are in choirs or who work with other singers, will identify and most quickly benefit from hearing the mp3s. The sounds used are of real singers (male and female voices are used), not synthesizers, and this gives the exercises a very warm overall tone.

A note on the Bruce Arnold System of Ear Training. The "Interval" method of Ear Training has been taught in music schools for literally hundreds of years and rarely been questioned. This method is based on hearing the distance between each note with no regard to a key center. If one is only using intervals for ear training a host of problems may develop, only one of which is great difficulty improvising with others in a playing situation where music is going by in Real Time. The Bruce Arnold system of Ear Training teaches how to hear the sound of a note as it relates to a key center. By learning the sound of all 12 notes within a "key center" one attains a completely different way of approaching music. With the "key center" method one recognizes the sound of a 3rd not by counting intervals but by simply and spontaneously knowing it.

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