World Garden’s Cafe Launches ‘16 Simple Ways to Feel Connected to the World’

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Sleep deprivation and stress make it difficult to truly have a healthy lifestyle. World Gardens Café wants everyone to break free from the 'norm' and help them get connected with the world around them.

Eating right is key to your body’s health. However, I want everyone to get more out of their day and have a completely healthy lifestyle.

With a busy lifestyle, it is hard to relax. World Gardens Cafe wants everyone to not only live a healthy lifestyle but to ensure their mental health is equally in check. With this list, anyone can easily improve their mental health. “Eating right is key to your body’s health. However, I want everyone to get more out of their day and have a completely healthy lifestyle,” expressed Chef Ravi, owner of World Gardens Cafe. Check out the tips below or visit the blog here.
1. Stop eating lunch at your desk or taking breaks in the kitchen — walk to the nearest park and lay on the grass for 20 minutes. Eat on a bench with an enjoyable view. A power packed meal and some fresh air and sunlight is an instant, irreplaceable reboot.

2. Take a day-long road trip to somewhere unknown. Look at the towns and houses; eat at a diner in a place you’ve never heard of.

3. Get lost somewhere.

4. Try being in the moment. (Ex: Bike through a trail. Take an interesting exercise class outside. Plan a big trip to be a week-long hiking adventure. etc.)When something is new, people are more attentive, and when activities are outside people are instantly more relaxed.

5. Understand that connecting to the world usually requires disconnecting from your screens so do that. Go for a walk without music, step on the grass barefoot, jump in water if you see any lakes or rivers. Leave yourself nothing to do but be present.

6. Be mindful of what you eat. Consider what’s in your food, don’t just count calories. Keep a food journal and log how making healthier choices affects your mood and your day overall. Replace coffee with a nutritious breakfast.

7. Plan a personalized walking tour of your city with a friend. Stay outside and leave cellphones at home or turned off. Get to know each other better and keep moving.

8. Lagging on inspiration for the day? Stare out the window for a while if unable to actually go outside and take a walk. Stop thinking about stress--It’s more likely to come when you’re distracted by something calmer anyway.

9. Buy flowers. Put them on a desk at work, open the windows, and light candles. Rather than a usual Pandora station, put on nature sounds of rivers or rain — try to bring as much life force energy in.

10. Take a different route to work or home. Don’t use a GPS or any kind of map. If lost, pull over and ask for directions. No matter what, this simple change will exercise your brain instead of driving in a ‘mind fog.’

11. Spend a day with no makeup, no synthetic props, air dried hair, natural food and water. So much stress in our daily lives come from molding what’s natural into what’s expected and constructed. There’s freedom in letting those ideas go. There’s calmness to be found in going with the literal and metaphorical flow.

12. Get down to eye level when you interact with children and animals. Pick flowers. Stop and look at street art for more than a passing few seconds.

13. Don’t be limited by a gym. There’s no reason to schedule time indoors for another X number of hours per week. Run outside, even when it’s raining. It will be twice as physically rewarding and will be a mental break from making yet another aspect of life monotonous.

14. Learn something about an experience on a daily basis. Even if it’s as simple as learning about a star constellation via a horoscope and then looking at it when you go outside at night. Look up how food is made, or what a store supports in a local community.

15. Stop distancing by choice. Stop avoiding benches because someone else is also sitting on it. Don’t gaze away from meeting someone’s eye contact. Smile. Say “hi.” Tell them to have a great day.

16. Move. To a new town, to a new city, to a new apartment, to a new job, to an afternoon at a coffee shop rather than at a cubicle. Even if it’s not personally or financially feasible right away, choose a plan of action and make it your goal to work toward it. Stop accepting that life can only exist as you know it right now. Get out there and see more, do more, become more, know more. It’s all we’re really here for at the end of the day.

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World Gardens Café’s mission is to create a healthier world by providing quick, healthy alternatives to fast food. Their food helps people of all ages and dietary needs live longer, healthier lives. As the premier provider of home-delivered, fully prepared, healthy gourmet cuisine, World Garden’s Cafe specializes in providing gluten-free frozen meals to clients in California, Arizona, Nevada and Utah. The delicious and flavorful meals are prepared by celebrity Chef Ravi and are then carefully packaged, frozen, and delivered to consumers’ homes. Customers can purchase food online or via phone, and have the convenient option of delivery or local pickup at Foothill Kitchens which is located at 360 W. Foothill Blvd, in Upland, CA.

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