Six Tips To Make Changing Your Baby's Diaper Easier

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Diapering Experts at BabyBackups Share Their Secrets with New Parents – Including How to Prevent Messy Diaper Blowouts

BabyBackups prevent diaper blowouts

'Take one squirmy baby and one sleep-deprived parent in the middle of the night, and you have a recipe for a mess. We have some special tips for parents that will make diapering your baby much easier,' says Steve DeFrancesco, President of BabyBackups.

Changing a baby’s diaper – especially a newborn – can be quite challenging. According to diapering experts Steve and Megan DeFrancesco, parents of two toddlers and the creators of BabyBackups, a disposable pad that prevents messy diaper blowouts, the simple act of changing a diaper can be very stressful.

“Take one squirmy baby, one sleep-deprived parent, and one dimly-lit room in the middle of the night, and you have a recipe for a mess,” said Steve DeFrancesco, president and CIO of Sienabena, LLC, which makes BabyBackups. “Having been through this process with two children, and preparing for it again with another on the way, we have some special tips for other parents that will make diapering your baby much easier.”

1.    Set the mood. Don’t startle your little bundle of joy in the middle of the night by turning on a bright light to change a diaper. Use a low wattage blue light bulb instead of a white light bulb to keep the room darker. It provides enough light to let you do what you need to do but doesn’t trigger party time for your baby.

2.    Keep them occupied. Keep a special toy nearby to let your child play with while changing their diaper. Keeping them focused, even for just 30 seconds, will allow you to at least get them cleaned off and ready for a new diaper.

3.    Wrap the wrap. Lay a new diaper under the old diaper before changing it. In the event that you missed a spot on her little tush while wiping it, the mess will end up on the new diaper instead of the changing area.

4.    Keep those buns warm. Use a wipes warmer so that you’re not freezing your little one’s tush in the middle of the night. Think about flying first class. Being handed a cold towel to wipe your hands doesn’t sound nearly as appealing as a toasty one. Similarly, a calm baby is much easier to clean and change using a warm wipe than using a freezing cold one on his behind.

5.    Avoid a tinkle fountain from your little guy. Forget the teepee, keep a cloth diaper around the changing table so that you can quickly toss it over your little guy’s privates if he starts to let loose. Or simply use a wipe.

6.    Keep the mess where it belongs. Protect your baby, their clothes, and the changing table from messy diaper blowouts by using BabyBackups, a disposable pad that adheres to your regular diaper and keeps the poop where it belongs. Put one on at night and wake up to a clean baby and crib in the morning, even if your little one was trying to work one out while in dreamland! Plan ahead and apply a few BabyBackups to new diapers in advance so you’re always prepared.

About BabyBackups
BabyBackups is a product of Sienabena, LLC., which is a joint venture between two messy babies and their frustrated parents. The company’s goal is to help prevent messy situations at home or on-the-go, by developing unique and easy-to-use solutions, including BabyBackups. For more information, visit

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