13 Places to Protect Your Home from Harmful EMF Fields

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EMF Transformers from Energy Tools International are infused with subtle energy (Vital Force Technology) to counteract the disruptive effects of brain overstimulation from harmful EMF fields.

Are you the type that feels energy immediately? You can feel the rumble of the refrigerator in another room? Do you find yourself a little out of sorts when you're working around computers? If this is happening to you, you may have electrical sensitivity. At least 9.8 million people in America suffer from sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation fields. According to the EPA, electric and magnetic fields (EMF) are invisible lines of force that surround any electrical device that is plugged in and turned on.

EMF are made up of waves of electric and magnetic energy moving together (radiating) through space. Electric fields are produced by charges and magnetic fields are produced by the flow of current through wires or electrical devices. Electric and magnetic fields (EMF) are invisible lines of force that surround any electrical device that is a physical field produced by electrically charged objects such as cell towers, microwave beams, high power tension lines, cell phones, televisions, computers, florescent lights, Wi-Fi and other electrical equipment. High levels of EMF radiation is found in homes, workplaces, schools and extends far beyond the wires and appliances. Electromagnetic radiation can pass through walls and floors. Even when you sleep, you, your family and pets are being affected from these invisible electromagnetic frequencies 24/7. Electromagnetic fields of all frequencies represent one of the most common and fastest growing environmental influences, about which anxiety and speculation are spreading. All populations are now exposed to varying degrees of EMF, and the levels will continue to increase as technology advances. While the research is conflicting, the World Health Organization thought it prudent to establish a project to study EMF’s for health concerns, like an increase in certain kinds of cancers.

Every day your health is being exposed to and bombarded by harmful EMF (electromagnetic fields) radiation. If you are exposed for a prolonged period of time to digital frequencies, you can even have damage at the cellular level. EMF radiation can be classified from very low frequency (long wavelength) to very high frequency (short wave length) and affects everyone to some extent. Cells in the body react to EMFs as potentially harmful, just like to other environmental toxins, including heavy metals and toxic chemicals. The DNA in living cells recognizes electromagnetic field(s) levels of exposure and produces a biochemical stress response.

Every devise that uses electricity produces some level of EMF radiation. The more electricity that is involved, the stronger the EMF's will be. Here are just some of the EMF danger spots in your home:

  •     Circuit Breaker: These produce very high toxic readings into radio wave frequencies and even microwave frequencies. This is because the electric wires attach to a fuse box draws a lot of electricity.
  •     Wi-Fi Devices and Routers, Wireless modems, Bluetooth Devices: All electronic devices that use a wireless connection bathe your home with radio frequency (RF) radiation. Typically these are the biggest contributors to EMF pollution in your home.
  •     Cordless Phones: Cordless phones emit a tremendous amount of toxic radiation—twice as much as cell phone masts! The danger is in the handset as well as the base stations, which continuously give off harmful radio waves well over 100 hertz (1 kHz) every hour of the day.
  •     Cell Phones, Smart Phones and PDAs: A smart thing to do is to adopt a “no cell phone policy” within your home and make sure everyone in your family sticks to it. There is no reason to keep your cell phone switched on in your home. Much better to use the landline or Skype through a wired handset on your computer.
  •     Telephone Landlines: Even the handset of a landline telephone emits high EMFs. The telephone receiver, the part held to your ear, carries a harmful south polar magnetic energy.
  •     Air Conditioners: Air conditioners can emit EMFs as high as circuit breakers. The older the unit, the greater the dangerous EMF radiation.
  •     Transformer Units: Transformer units are found in almost all the electronic devices in your home. Transformers are used to convert high voltages from the mains to lower voltages. For instance, a bedside alarm clock might operate on 6V but your supply may be 110V (in the US or 240V in the UK). The 104V surplus is radiated out as electromagnetic energy. If an electronic device plugs into the main electricity, it usually has a transformer.
  •     Microwave Ovens: Having a microwave oven in your home makes no sense at all. On the one hand is what it does to the food. Microwave cooking releases free radicals and causes antioxidant loss. On the other is the considerable amount of electromagnetic radiation it emits into your home when it is in use. Do yourself a favor; get rid of the microwave oven.
  •     In-Floor Electrical Heating: This mode of heating utilizes electrical wires that are embedded right into a home’s wood or concrete flooring. EMFs can reach 100+ mG at the floor and 30+ mG at waist height.
  •     Fluorescent Lighting: Fluorescent lights create a higher level of EMFs than incandescent bulbs. A typical fluorescent tube may have a reading of 160 to 200 mG at 1 inch away. Even electromagnetic radiation from a compact fluorescent light can be problematic.
  •     Halogen ceiling down or “can” lights: These lights require a transformer that can transmit EMF upward as well as downward, which means rooms above as well as below are affected.
  •     Electric Sockets: Anything that’s plugged into a wall socket gives off an electromagnetic field (EMF) of 50-60 hertz, even if that appliance is turned off.
  •     TVs & Computers: TV screens and computer monitors radiate EMFs of 60Hz or more. Older style televisions and computer screens produce radio-frequency fields of 10,000-30,000 Hz (10-30 kHz) as well as 60 Hz fields.

Here’s one way to avoid EMF’s: Energy Tools International’s EMF Transformer shields the negative effects of EMF's. By emitting neutralizing and balancing frequencies, the EMF Transformer also helps to block the effects of harmful and stray electromagnetic radiation which we are exposed to every day. The all-natural, non-toxic EMF Transformer corrects and filters the energies flowing in and through the human body to bring balance to the body's electrical system. Each EMF Transformer package comes with one EMF Transformer and is charged with “Vital Force Technology ™ scientific formula-based energetic patterns to neutralize the over excitation of the brain caused by harmful electromagnetic fields. Just put some on your electrical devices and see how quiet your home will be.

Energy Tools International’s products are gaining wide popularity among those who are in need of EMF protection. Invented by an electro-sensitive for his own healing purposes, the EMF Transformer is now being used by thousands who have found relief from EMF-induced stress.

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