Business Strategy VS Public Safety; The ProFARS™ Impact on Fire and Rescue Departments

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New Emergency Management System Free to Fire and Rescue Departments

...the ProFARS™ Facebook page has grown its viewer base an average of 117% week over week.

If you’re a concerned citizen reading this article, fantastic! Please continue on. If you’re a concerned Firefighter or EMT, please put down anything of importance, and prepare yourself for some amazing news. The startup company Maker Consulting, headquartered just outside of the Washington D.C. metropolitan area, is beginning to turn heads with a new business strategy; Maker Consulting has defined its strategy through the societal goal of public safety.

What exactly does this mean? When asked this question, CEO/Owner of Maker Consulting Peter Shoemaker, stated “…I’ve been told countless times that the only purpose for a business is to make a profit. If I look at a corporation as an individual, then it doesn’t make sense for a company to value money above all else.” With the anticipated release of Maker Consulting’s ProActive Fire and Rescue System (ProFARS™) nearing, interest in ProFARS™ has continued to grow.

So what is it that makes the ProActive Fire and Rescue System so interesting? ProFARS™ is an emergency management platform designed specifically to facilitate the coordination and cooperation efforts between the government, private sector, and civilian populations during an emergency. “ProFARS™ is an extremely robust system, and was designed specifically for the needs of the individual end users,” said Peter when discussing details of the system. While the system boasts a variety of capabilities, the geo-location tracking, dynamic population alerting system, and user defined roles really showcase its real world applicability. For more information on ProFARS™ you can visit them on Facebook ( or their website

While the system capabilities are truly impressive, there’s something else that distinguishes ProFARS™ from its many competitors—it’s one of the main reasons this article is being written. The ProFARS™ Facebook page has allowed Maker Consulting to spread the news not only of its system, but the ideology that Maker Consulting is driven and motivated by the need for increased public safety, not money. By adopting a societal goal in place of their business strategy, Maker Consulting has focused on how to better our communities, rather than increase their bottom line.

After viewing a link to the ProFARS™ KiCKSTARTER® Project, Peter’s earlier response “…it doesn’t make sense for a company to value money above all else,” really hit home. Through the ProFARS™ KICKSTARTER® Project, Maker Consulting is attempting to provide ProFARS™ to Fire and Rescue departments for free. To give you an idea of what that means, similar systems may cost an individual department upwards of $400,000.00. Maker Consulting is only attempting to generate $150,000.00 through their Kickstarter Project. When asked why so little Peter replied, “We as Individuals, we as communities, we as organizations must accept that it is only through our joint efforts that public safety can be truly achieved.”

Since its creation, the ProFARS™ Facebook page has grown its viewer base an average of 117% week over week. While it hasn’t been active for long, ProFARS™ fans already outnumber a majority of competitors; many of which have been established for years. So how has ProFARS™ differentiated itself from the competition? According to Peter “…offering ProFARS™ to fire and rescue departments for free means they have absolutely no reason to not use our system. With ProFARS™ these organizations can increased capabilities, decrease operational costs, and potentially reach millions of users.” Not only is Maker Consulting providing a real world solution to public safety, they’re also providing a way for nationwide system implementation. Only time will tell just how successful Maker Consulting will be, however with the ProFARS™ system release nearing, it’s likely this is just the beginning of a much larger story.

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