OceanGrafix Now Offers Charts in a Traditional Format

Responding to Maritime Community Clamor, OceanGrafix Releases Charts That Resemble Lithographically Printed Charts

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It's a matter of taste. Some mariners simply prefer the more traditional look.

St. Paul, MN (PRWEB) August 03, 2014

OceanGrafix, the first company to offer NOAA print-on-demand nautical charts, today announced that all its U.S. charts are now available in a new, traditional-looking format. This new format mirrors the appearance of the lithographically printed charts that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) printed for many years but discontinued earlier this year—much to the dismay of a subsection of navigators who had grown accustomed to them.

“The change really stirred a fair amount of boaters,” says OceanGrafix President Ron Walz. “We knew we had the capacity to produce charts with the traditional look they knew and loved, so we did.”

Printed on water-resistant paper using a classic color palette, OceanGrafix’s traditional charts contain the same up-to-date, NOAA-approved content as any other OceanGrafix navigational chart, but they appeal aesthetically to those mariners who prefer the look of the lithographically printed charts.

“It’s a matter of taste,” says Walz. “Some mariners simply prefer the more traditional look.”

The new format is one of several offered by OceanGrafix; mariners can also purchase charts in waterproof, historical, or even wall-decal versions. “It’s about options,” says Walz. “This new, traditional format is yet another option that we’re providing.”

About OceanGrafix

OceanGrafix offers NOAA print-on-demand nautical charts for recreational and commercial boaters. Working in partnership with NOAA, the company ensures distribution of the most accurate, up-to-date NOAA paper charts, as well as a variety of charts for international waters.


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