Patients with Gum Recession in Jacksonville, FL Are Invited to Improve Their Smile Through Gum Grafting, Performed by Dr. Darryl A. Field

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Darryl A. Field, DDS, PA now provides gum recession patients in Jacksonville, FL, gum grafting treatment. This procedure is a proven treatment that helps to return gum health to a patient’s smile by correcting painful root sensitivity and restoring the gums to their original position around the teeth.

Dr. Darryl A. Field performs gum grafting procedures to halt the damaging effects of receding gum tissues, and now he invites patients who have gum recession in Jacksonville, FL to seek treatment. Those who are experiencing conditions such as root exposure and sensitivity, tissue inflammation, root decay or damage, or other issues can find relief through these well-established techniques.

Receding gums are a common and often gradual dental issue involving the wearing away of the gum tissue around the base of the teeth. Recession is most often a result of gum disease, but can also be caused by habitual grinding of the teeth, oral jewelry, tobacco use, and genetic factors, among others. Because untreated recession frequently causes severe damage to the tissue around the teeth and the root structure, Dr. Field encourages patients with gum recession in Jacksonville, FL to seek gum grafting treatment as soon as symptoms are noticed.

Gum grafting is the primary way that dentists reverse the effects of recession, and specific techniques have been developed to create personalized treatment for each patient. The most common method, connective tissue grafting, includes cutting a small flap in the roof of the mouth to remove tissue from underneath for grafting. The flap is sutured closed and the tissue is attached to the gums around the exposed root. This tissue fuses with the gums to create a higher gumline.

When patients have thin gums, the dentist may opt to use a gingival graft with tissue directly from the roof of the mouth. In this case, there is no flap made. Patients who have gum recession in Jacksonville, FL with excess tissue nearby the area in need may be able to be treated with a pedicle graft, where tissue is taken from the gums themselves. Rather than using the patient’s own tissue, graft material from a tissue bank may also be placed.

Most people would not hesitate to get a visible infection on the body treated immediately to prevent further damage. Receding gums and gum disease may be ignored more easily because they are not as noticeable, but gum disease is a serious issue that can affect every system in the body. At the first signs of gum recession or gum disease, patients should seek a dentist’s attention. For more information or to schedule a consultation for receding gums treatment, visit Dr. Field’s website or contact his office directly.

About the Doctor

Darryl A. Field, DDS, PA is a periodontist offering personalized dental care to patients in Jacksonville, FL since 1997. Dr. Field received his Doctor of Dental Degree and his certificate in Periodontics from LSU School of Dentistry. He is part of one percent of dental professionals providing the first FDA cleared laser procedure for gum disease and periodontal treatment. To learn more about Dr. Field and his dental services, visit his website at and call 904-201-8293.

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