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Power of The Trivedi Effect® also known as Biofield Energy

In physics, complementary is an essential theory of quantum mechanics which maintains that objects have corresponding properties which cannot be measured correctly at the same time. The more accurate the measurement of one property is, the less accurate the complementary property is measured. Thus, this principle precisely states that some objects have multiple properties that appear to be contradictory. To observe these characteristics, sometimes it is probable to switch back and forth between different views of such an object. However, it is impossible to view both these properties at the same time, even though these are exhibited by the same object. One example of this theory is the dual nature of an electron because one can think of an electron as either a particle or a wave depending on the situation. An object that depicts or carries the properties of both a particle and a wave is seemingly impossible to exist at a moment because usually such things are mutually exclusive. Nevertheless, an electron is fundamentally both at the same time.


Every organism exhibits a crystalline structure of ordered bio molecules, whereas the fundamental nature of its life is like a fire burning matter into energy and dancing not only with prearranged vitality, but also with an element of unpredictability or chaos. According to Beverly Rubik, both observations and views may be required to describe life in the same way as in quantum physics, both a particle view and a wave view are essential to explain completely the nature of light, as well as that of matter at the smallest scales.

The brain is described in terms of the receptors, neurotransmitters, ion channels, and so forth that help elucidate neuronal firing; or it can be viewed in terms of the oscillations of its neuronal circuits and the magnetic and electrical fields of its continual activity, with possible regulatory feedback from the fields themselves. This biophysical foundation of life understood as bio field provides the rudiments of a scientific foundation for grasping some of the mysteries of existence that remain and may perhaps take us beyond into a new era of understanding life.

Typically, the bio field phenomena may act directly on molecular structures, changing the conformation of molecules in functionally significant ways. They may transfer bio information carried by very small energy signals interacting unswervingly with the energy fields of life. Bio field phenomena may include, apart from the electromagnetic fields of modern physics, the auditory and possibly other subtle energy fields not yet known to science. The important difference between traditional and modern views of the vital force is that the bio field rests on physical principles and can be measured, whereas the traditional concepts remain metaphysical. Nonetheless, considerable similarities exist between ancient concepts of the life force and modern bio field's concepts in their assumption that a form of life-giving energy flows throughout the body and that illness arises as a result of blockages, excesses, or irregularities in its flow.

The Trivedi Masters™ believe in calibrating the flow of this inner energy that has the power to free us from every aspect of our subsistence that may result in pain, misery or fear. This life-giving energy needs to be channelized and brought more in sync with our consciousness. The Biofield Treatment, also known as The Trivedi Effect® comprises of subjecting different forms of matter to the influential Energy Transmissions of the Trivedi Masters™.

Matter and Life

Soon after the big bang, elementary particles would have combined to form atoms. Gaseous molecules would then have been formed from a grouping of atoms. Eventually, after the universe reached at a lower temperature; gradually from the molten mass a solid crust would have formed from reactions between the liquefied elements and the surrounding gases. This solid crust is what we call ‘earth’. However, the sequence of chemical events that led to the first nucleic acids is not known with any certainty. Several hypotheses about early life have been proposed, most notably the iron-sulfur world theory (metabolism without genetics) and the RNA world hypothesis (RNA life-forms). All the concepts depend on the formation of atoms into molecules.

Somewhere down the line, the microbes, spores, bacteria etc. are formed which are considered to be ancestors of the living world. Therefore, every entity in the universe is composed of atoms and the constituent elementary particles that are dual in nature. Every movement of the charged particles generates currents and magnetic fields inside the body.

Bio Field and Matter

It is now apparent that bio field signals emitted by a body can be received by the other body and hence energy or vibrations can be passed through Biofield interactions. Mahendra Trivedi is known to communicate to the bio field of both living and non living, changing the structure and behavior of their component subdivisions.

The system comprising of the atoms depicts a change in the configuration and hence the overall properties. Depending on the amount of energy transmitted to the atoms, the techniques used to investigate differ. Mr. Trivedi’s Biofield communication for a range of materials scrutinized by several techniques revealed the modifications that occurred in them at various structural levels.

Mass spectrometry of organic solvents indicated substantial deviation in the number of atomic nuclei with the addition of one or two neutrons (M+1 and M+2 ions) and hence the isotope abundances of Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Hydrogen, Chlorine, Bromine etc. This is only possible if the Biofield is breaking neutrons into quarks or converting mass into energy.

Adding to this, the X-ray diffraction of metallic, ceramic, organic and polymer powders showed that the distance between atoms in the crystals had either increased or decreased as if these were either stretched or compressed by the bio field. The reason for this is found to be a change in the weight (mass) and charge (energy) of the individual atom itself. These alterations at the atomic level caused the changes in size of the single crystals.

Both the inorganic and organic solutions depicted a variation in the absorption characteristics of ultraviolet and visible radiation. Where the absorption of radiation was expected, the solutions subjected to the Biofield showed its emission. This means that the Biofield Treatment is adding excess energy into the solutions.

On a broader spectrum, the thermal analysis test demonstrated that the substances which underwent a Biofield Treatment were more reactive with low heats of reaction. The surface area of the Biofield treated powder particles showed an increase, substantiating that the powders are reactive due to the surplus energy in them. Particle-size distribution measurements illustrated that coarser particles were breaking into fine particles, thereby indicating an augment in energy and reactivity of the particles.

These and hundreds of other experiments proved the power and influence of the The Trivedi Effect® also known as Biofield Energy Treatment which brought about some unbelievable transformations in plants, materials, elements and more particularly the atoms which are the most basic constituents of all that exists in the universe.

Bio Field Treated Materials Help Better Life

There are a number of ways in which the Biofield treated materials can be used to reap advantages of the technology depending on the specific application. Broadly speaking, the Biofield Treatment has resulted in converting the mass in the system to energy or the energy in the system to mass. This could produce the following effects:

1.    Because of the decrease in particle size and increase in surface area, the reactivity of the substance raises to a higher level.

2.    Medicinal pills will give the intended relief much faster. Or for a given amount of relief, the measure of medicinal substances can be reduced.

3.    Even a thin coating of paint will become more profuse and hence the amount of pigment in the paint can be reduced.

4.    Powders can be pressed into tablets at much lower pressures.

5.    In the case of solid/ liquid propellants, the combustion can be generated at much lower temperatures. If the combustion temperature cannot be changed for any reason, then the amount of heat liberated will be higher.

6.    The fungicides, pesticides, fertilizers, etc., will be more effective at the same concentration or they’d create the same effect at a lesser concentration.

7.    The viscosity of the liquids such as waters or oils will be increased so that these can be used at higher temperatures.

8.    Almost all elements/ compounds in powder form can be reprogrammed at the atomic level so that these can be processed into shapes at lower pressures and temperatures.

9.    The medical applications are numerous and are not possible to list. On a precise note, the potency of the drugs, performance of any medicine can be enhanced with less toxicity, antibiotic susceptibility can be changed and the therapy for diseases can be accelerated.

Biofield Treatment and The Trivedi Masters™

Mahendra Trivedi has extensively established the benefits of the Biofield Treatment and has eventually put the entire scientific community in awe. There have been astonishing affirmative changes in the yield of crops, improvements in terms of diseases in the plants and animals and moreover, the quality of produce has become excellent. Mr. Trivedi has brought about immense transformations in areas where nobody else could cause such progress. The Trivedi Effect® have hence benefitted humans and other life-forms alike, along with amazing modifications in the inanimate forms of matter.

As already put forth, about 4000 experiments have been conducted on more than 300 materials and tests have been performed on a variety of plants, crops and seeds. The Biofield Treatment has also been subjected to cattle and other farm animals and has proved to be incredibly transformational, especially because it directly affects the yield of production.

Whereas, to go through the entire experimentation and research and to read about the direct consequences of The Trivedi Effect®, please click here:

Mahendra Trivedi is not only a spiritual master, but a pioneer of science in the making. His Energy Transmissions aim at linking “Science with Conciousness” and establish a new paradigm of science “The Trivedi Science”.

To read more about the The Trivedi Effect®, click here:

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