Jack Barton, Announces Perfect Dose, a Long-Needed Solution for Dispensing Liquid OTC and Prescription Medications

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Jack Barton and Invention Home have partnered to secure licensing interest for Perfect Dose which is a patented solution for people who need to take liquid medications, including the elderly, infants and children, and vulnerable populations such as people with disabilities.

Inventor Jack Barton has announced his association with InventionHome to secure interest in licensing his invention Perfect Dose. Mr. Barton invented the device when he became frustrated with the continuing problems of correctly measuring liquid prescription and OTC medications for his Autistic son. The current methods of dispensing liquid medications are either with a syringe or pouring the contents into a plastic cup. Both of these methods have been such a serious problem that the FDA was moved in May of 2011 to issue a Directive to the pharmaceutical industry to do something about it. So far the industry has done nothing so Mr. Barton stepped in and solved the problem.

Researchers have frequently pointed out that current methods of dispensing liquid medications are in need of revision. In one study it was found that caregivers, who were asked to correctly measure a dose of acetaminophen, were unable to do so in 62% of the cases. Another researcher determined that kitchen teaspoons, that are commonly used to dispense liquid medications, were frequently not teaspoons at all and could have a capacity of from about 1/2 teaspoon to almost two teaspoons. In one sad case an infant was prescribed .7 milliliters of a liquid medication and the caregiver gave the infant 7.0 milliliters resulting in the infant being admitted to the Emergency Room in a coma.

Perfect dose solves the potentially serious problems of measuring correct doses of liquid medications and is an easy device to install and operate. You would simply remove the current screw top of any liquid medication bottle and replace it with Perfect Dose. When ready to take a dose of medicine the knob is simply turned to the on position and the bottle is inverted and the medicine, through gravity, is dispensed into a waiting, small round, container that when filled is the exact correct dose. Then the knob is turned off and a lever is depressed dispensing the perfect dose into a plastic cup or other receptacle. Mr. Barton has applied for an secured a patent on the device (Patent number 61980085).

InventionHome has partnered with Mr. Barton, to secure licensing interest, and has creating a 3D interactive model of Perfect Dose that shows an individual installing the device and using it to dispense a correct dose of liquid medication. There is also an audio file that explains how the device works and a written description of the device. You can obtain the log in information by contacting Colleen Kelly at 1-866-844-6512 Ext. 119 or you can email InventionHome at member(at)inventionhome(dot)com. You are also welcome to visit their website at http://www.inventionhome.com. Lastly, Mr. Barton is available for interviews by contacting InventionHome or calling him directly.

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