Fickletitious, the Critically Acclaimed and Highly Innovative Interactive eBook /Game, is Now Available on the Apple iTunes App Store

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Immediately the reader finds that not only is he the main character in the ebook but he is pitted against the most evil of evil, Gertrude Clandestine Surreptitious. It's either you or Gertrude, who will it be.

Are you kidding me? The characters ask me to call them on their phone. I do...and they answer. Seriously???

The Fickletitious ( platform takes full advantage of the iPad’s technical capabilities to create a truly unique interactive experience. The writers, illustrators and programmers of Fickletitious have collaborated to create an interactive experience that merges computer game design with traditional ebook -based storytelling and “real world” tasks.

This app engages adults as well as children of all ages in the story of two worlds – The Isle of Write and Fickletitious. Writers inhabit the Isle of Write. The world of Fickletitious is full of Fickles. Fickles are not real people; they are merely characters in a story. However, none of the Fickles realize this fact. That is a closely guarded secret held – along with millions of other secrets – by the ancient Secret Keeper, Gertrude. When two of the Fickles discover the truth, they leave their fictional world and become trapped in the world of Writers. Their friends, Ham, Mike, and Laine then begin a quest to bring them home. In order to do so they must outwit the cunning Secret Keeper. Gertrude has the ability to edit the words of Writers. In her pursuit to banish Ham and his friends out of existence, she can change their story in mid-sentence and often uses her pen to harass them.

Ham, Mike and Laine are clever and determined. But, these three Fickles can’t succeed alone. In order to stop Gertrude, they need help – your help. The reader must become an active participant in the battle against the Secret Keeper. By becoming an actual character in the story, the reader enters the world of Fickletitious and accompanies Ham, Mike and Laine on their adventures. The reader is asked to perform tasks in the real world that the Fickle children cannot perform in their world. To keep Ham and his friends alive, the reader will have to answer riddles, solve puzzles, decipher clues and untangle problems for them.

Whether listening to the narration, touching the screen, reading the words or performing tasks, the viewer must use multiple senses in order to solve dilemmas presented in the narrative. As an actual active character, the reader will be thrust into a magical land where fictional characters converse with him by name and may even request that he call or text them on the phone – and they will actually answer. Now, not only is the reader pulled "in" to the ebook, but he quickly discovers that he is the main character in the ebook.

In order to help his new friends, the reader may be asked to find clues hidden in certain candy bars or to go to the library to locate a book wherein more clues will be discovered. The reader may be asked to go to McDonalds, order a Big Mac, and then inspect the wrapper where yet another clue will be uncovered. Making the entire concept even more ingenious, the clues the reader must solve may change. A person reading the ebook in January, might have very different clues than another reader finds in March.

Fickles only live if a reader is reading their story, and since one can only read the next section of the book by performing the required tasks, it is incumbent upon the reader to play the game. Unless these conundrums are solved, the story of the Fickles cannot continue. Without the reader’s help, Gertrude will triumph and the story will end.

Parents will appreciate the app’s wit, beautiful illustrations, sophisticated animation and hundreds of interactive touch points. This is “screen time” that parents will recognize as beneficial and developmentally appropriate. Fickletitious has set the bar for interactive ebooks.

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