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Dr Bobby Webster,founder of A Woman’s Center for Reproductive Medicine in Baton Rouge, LA, is pleased to announce the addition of SelectCCS to his treatment offerings for patients undergoing in-vitro fertilization (IVF) as one of only 8 facilities in the nation providing this specialized procedure.

SelectCCS is the most well-validated and proven method of comprehensive chromosomal screening (CCS) for patients undergoing IVF treatments.

Dr Bobby Webster, the Reproductive Endocrinologist and founder of A Woman’s Center for Reproductive Medicine, is pleased to announce the addition of SelectCCS to his treatment offerings for patients undergoing in-vitro fertilization (IVF). Dr Webster was individually sought out and recruited by the team at Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey (RMANJ), developers of the SelectCCS process, to join them in providing the most advanced and accurate comprehensive chromosomal screening (CCS) to couples looking to conceive via IVF.

RMANJ has selectively invited REs from only 8 centers across the US to work with them at this time on SelectCCS. Dr Webster will be the only RE in the state of Louisiana with the privilege of working with the world-renowned leaders in reproductive medicine at RMANJ.

What is SelectCCS?

Development of SelectCCS started 10 years ago in an attempt to answer the question, “How do we determine which embryos have the most potential of becoming a healthy pregnancy and baby for couples undergoing IVF?” SelectCCS greatly improves the embryo selection process by determining which embryos are euploid (having the normal 23 chromosomes from each parent, totaling 46) or aneuploid (having an abnormal number of chromosomes).

Published data estimates the rate of miscarriage due to aneuploidy embryos as between 50-70%. Select CCS is a relatively fast and unique screening test that determines the embryos with proper number of chromosomes (euploid). Euploid embryos have a greater chance of turning into a healthy pregnancy. By only transferring the euploid embryos, both patients and physicians have a better chance of success with IVF.

SelectCCS has evolved from the previous methods of Preimplantaion Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) and Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS) which both assess the embryo prior to transfer in an IVF cycle, albeit on varying levels. SelectCCS is Comprehensive Chromosomal Screening (CCS) and it is dubbed “Select” for the exactingly precise and peer-reviewed data acquired and validated over many years. In fact, RMANJ are the only CCS providers in the world to have their data validated to date, including the recent BEST (Blastocyst Euploid Selective Transfer) clinical trial.

Most impressively, SelectCCS has demonstrated a 98.6% accuracy rate in screening embryos for aneuploidy. As with any test, errors or false positives can occur and mosaicism (a condition where cells within the same embryo have different genetic makeup) can also affect outcomes, although rare.
How SelectCCS Will Change the IVF Landscape

For couples undergoing the emotionally, physically, and financially exhausting experience of infertility treatments, the offerings of increased certainty and possible better outcomes provide more hope and additional confidence in their IVF treatments and cycles. With the ability to reduce the number of miscarriages experienced and precious time lost, SelectCCS enables couples with minimal time and strained emotional/financial resources a better outlook on their IVF treatments.

Also with SelectCCS, single embryo transfer (SET) can reduce the risk to mother and baby and retain a high pregnancy and birth rate when compared to national averages and even double embryo transfer (DET). A huge push in reproductive medicine for SET has begun and with SelectCCS, multiple embryos can be determined healthy and viable (euploid) and after a SET, the remaining embryos can be frozen for later implantation allowing for 2 healthier singleton pregnancies. SET will not only reduce, if not eliminate, the risk of multiple pregnancies and births, it will also reduce the most common IVF “side-effect” of exceedingly high costs and complications with multiples.

Dr Bobby Webster is currently offering this service to his patients. He welcomes the opportunity to educate patients, professionals, and the general public on his services, particularly Select CCS.

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Dr Bobby Webster
A Woman’s Center for Reproductive Medicine

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