Jesus Rode a Donkey . . . not an Elephant

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Ground-breaking book takes aim at religious polarization by offering clear-eyed view of political platforms. Well-known author Linda Seger’s latest book Jesus Rode a Donkey explores what it means to be a Christian and a Democrat - and shows how the two are not mutually exclusive but rather inclusive.

Linda Seger, Th.D., one of the world’s best known script consultants and author of multiple professional books, is also a theologian and noted spiritual thinker and author. Her newly revised book, now being released for the first time in paperback, is Jesus Rode a Donkey: Why Millions of Christians are Democrats.

Seger begins with simple, but riveting questions: If Jesus were alive today, would he feed the poor, or give tax breaks to the super rich? Would he comfort the old and infirm—or cut Social Security? Would he embrace a national policy of making war, or making peace?

In the current American political climate, media pundits often spin differing perspectives into polarized opposites, leaving opponents stuck in categories that don’t accurately represent their actual beliefs. “This kind of polarized thinking tends to put people in boxes,” Seger observed, “Boxes that may not accurately represent their true thoughts or feelings. Some folks would have us believe that Christianity is virtually synonymous with traditional conservatism. But when we look more closely, we realize this is not the case.”

The author reveals there is, in fact, a close relationship between Democratic policy and Jesus’ teachings. The idea that America’s real Christians vote strictly Republican crumbles as readers peruse Linda Seger’s careful study of both parties’ platforms. Jesus Rode a Donkey reminds the reader that Jesus and the prophets had a radical, progressive message that calls individuals and nations to feed the hungry, help the poor, heal the sick, free the oppressed, and to love our enemies.

●    Overcoming Blame, Reestablishing Common Ground
“When I wrote the first edition of this book, I may have been more argumentative in my approach,” Seger explained. “What I’ve observed is that this attitude doesn’t help us to progress, but only adds fuel to the fires of blame and accusation. I was disturbed by this increasing sense of division and agitation in our country. I completed an extensive revision that I know can bring greater awareness of what Christians on both sides of the political aisle have in common, as well as being a voice for the Christian Democrat.”

●    Jesus both conservative and liberal.
In today’s world, popular thought has accepted the idea that an individual can only be one thing: either a conservative or a liberal, but certainly not both. Linda Seger’s analysis reveals that one of most important spiritual leaders throughout history refuted this claim centuries ago. Indeed, this breatk-through book reveals that “Jesus was both conservative and liberal.”

●    Excerpt: Vote the Golden Rule
“Many of us bring together our practice of religion and democracy by voting the Golden Rule. What we want for ourselves, we are also willing to give to others. We vote for the rights of others that we would also want for ourselves. We give the same protections, care, and respect to others that we would want for ourselves. This applies to issues such as ecology, discrimination, same-sex marriage, and our response to war and peace.”

Dr. Seger, a dynamic speaker who has presented seminars in over thirty countries as well as multiple locations around the U.S., will be giving talks as a guest of both religious and secular organizations. Her book launch, which begins just before this year’s round of elections, will also include a Twitter campaign designed to counter-balance the usually aggressive attacks aimed across the political aisle. “When I hear the boom of a political cannon, my goal will be to wave a white flag on the battlefield and help bring warring factions back to the discussion table, and to bring a Christian perspective to the discussion. In our country, we’ve always made more progress with respectful dialogue than with polemic diatribes.”

Truly, this is a book of both head and heart. Brilliantly researched and thoroughly annotated and indexed, Jesus Rode a Donkey challenges readers to do their own thinking—a prerequisite for democratic governance. Yet it’s the author’s passion that infuses these pages with a fresh sense of hope. “My new book looks at the political landscape not from the perspective of dividing it up, but rather of mending fences to create better neighbors,” she explained. “Those of us fortunate enough to live in the United States have many advantages, and we owe it to ourselves to think more deeply as well as to bring our understanding of scripture, our faith, and our theology to the way we vote and the stands we take. We need to become thought-leaders in our communities, rather than just thought-followers.”

From Kirkus Reviews:
"A political argument that Democratic and Christian values bear a natural kinship. Seger's second, revised edition of this work, aims to pull off a difficult trick, identify the core teachings of Jesus with one political party--the Democrats, without contributing to the overall problem of excessive partisanship. Her thesis touches on familiar, divisive points--war, terrorism, gay marriage and charitableness, to name a few. Raised a staunch Republican but now a liberal, Seger argues that the conservative stronghold on Christian values is based on a misinterpretation of the true spirit of Jesus' teaching. Her work is impressive for its attempt to strike a tone unencumbered by an ax-grinding ideology; she's always quick to concede that both parties are internally and doctrinally diverse, and that no one has a monopoly on politically-motivated bad behavior. She also acknowledges the limitations of scripture alone to decisively resolve every dispute... Seger is to be credited with confronting serious questions about the intersection of religion and politics... a study guide at the end, which includes chapter-specific questions for discussion, serves as a helpful provocation for book-group open-minded . . . introduction to the serious issue of Christianity's political leanings."


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