Trivia Mogul Surpasses 1 Million Questions in 1 Year

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On July of 2013, a group of visionaries and technopreneurs from Trivia Mogul set a lofty and ambitious goal of compiling one million trivia questions in its online database. That goal of achieving one million trivia questions in their database was achieved in August 2014.

It is a known fact that trivia sites populate the internet as ants populate the earth. There are so many trivia sites that when it comes to choosing one, it becomes like picking a needle from a haystack. And there are only a handful of trivia sites that have ever achieved the “holy grail” of trivia; that is, having created more than a million questions from every possible category you can imagine. Trivia Mogul is the one online website that has achieved this elusive holy grail, cracking the one million question mark in its database.

The Trivia Mogul team is proud to shout to the world what they have achieved. Question by question, category by category, they meticulously and carefully built Trivia Mogul from a simple trivia game into a thousand-category, million-question online enterprise, and they’ve only just begun.

A Year of Hard Work

On July of 2013, a group of visionaries and technopreneurs set a lofty and ambitious goal of developing the most comprehensive compilation of trivia questions on the internet. Trivia Mogul followed three basic steps to success: Plan, Organize, and Implement. Trivia Mogul management planned this gargantuan task by setting up category divisions, prioritizing the fun and interesting categories, allocating resources, establishing milestones, and constructing a timetable.

After long, intense meetings and deliberations, the Trivia Mogul team had a blueprint to success. Once planned, their in-house writers developed the categories most suited to the trivia questions. Trivia Mogul wanted to add diversity and searched the internet for talented and unique writers. They were not disappointed with what their search produced in the way of writers. It turned out that many wanted to be a part of Trivia Mogul’s development.

The plan was complete; Trivia Mogul management and their writers were ready, so the implementation began. Writers were divided into divisions by category, each with supervisors. Gather, write, check, double-check, proofread, and compile - this was Trivia Mogul’s routine. Gather information about the category, write questions on the category, check for clerical and grammatical errors, check for validity and accuracy of the question; proofreading by supervisors; and finally, submission to the system for compilation. Trivia Mogul fashioned itself into a well-oiled machine, and from the way it looks, that well-oiled machine has not stopped since.

15,000 Categories
The current result is 15,000 categories comprising more than a million fun and unique trivia questions. From Ancient Egypt to the American Civil War, from the Dark Ages to the Renaissance, from the NBA to the NFL, from American Idol to the Harry Potter series, from cats to dogs, from mountain ranges to oceans, from countries to kingdoms, Trivia Mogul supplies questions to all topics worthy of trivia. Now, Trivia Mogul can confidently offer organizations and companies most any trivia they want.

Giving Points to Charities
After intense planning, the Trivia Mogul team came up with many unique ideas. Perhaps the best aspect of Trivia Mogul is the privilege for every player to “Gift Points” to their chosen “Charities” each time they win a trivia game. The points have corresponding financial value once they have been donated to a player's chosen charity/charities. With this revolutionary concept, Trivia Mogul has made it possible to have fun while helping a particular charity at the same time. With over a million trivia questions spread among 15,000 categories, Trivia Mogul can cater to any kind of charity, be it a sports charity, a musical organization, a neighborhood community, a Christian charity, or an animal-care organization, Trivia Mogul covers it all.

The current trend of entertainment technology curves toward mobile development. Online entertainment has long jumped from the conventional desktop and laptop computers to the recent mobile technologies for the Android OS and the Apple iPhones. In order to ride with this technological flow, the programmers at Trivia Mogul have developed a mobile application version of their game that offers the same fun and excitement as the conventional web-based Trivia Mogul application does.

Since the launching of Trivia Mogul, it has been a goal of the pioneering members that Trivia Mogul will always remain free-to-play. Additionally, any player that has a charity or knows of a charity that would like to benefit from being a Trivia Mogul charity partner should contact the company directly. This way, not only does Trivia Mogul provide entertainment; it can also help communities thrive.

Trivia Mogul and its 1,000,000+ questions will be live in your local sports bar and restaurants this September. If your favorite eatery is one of the 900 on their list, then prepare for a night of trivia excitement while enjoying your favorite meal or beverage. Experience fun, win amazing prizes, and experience the gift of giving, all at the same time.

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