Spine Guide Offering New Overview of Surgical Options For Back Pain

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Advanced Surgical Procedures Introduced for Spinal Treatment

Spine Guide has built a reputation for itself as a prominent online source of information on spinal health.

Spine Guide has built a reputation for itself as a prominent online source of information on spinal health. Now, the e-health site will offer new surgical procedures for back pain, or people suffering from back pain symptoms. Spine Guide specializes in three types of back surgery: sciatica surgery, cervical/neck surgery, and lumbar spine surgery.

Some of the most common back pain symptoms include muscle ache, shooting or stabbing pain, pain radiating down the leg, inability to stand up straight, and limited flexibility or range of motion of the back. Although back pain could be an indicator of bigger problems, such as cancer, it is usually associated with spinal injury or a spinal ailment. To this end, Spine Guide presents the surgical options available, depending on the type of spinal problem.

Sciatica surgery is for treating sciatica, which is also known as lumbar radiculopathy. It is characterized by compression or irritation of one of five spinal nerve roots of the sciatic nerves at the lumbar vertebrae (between the rib cage and pelvis), and it triggers lower back pain. There are two types of sciatica surgery; lumbar laminectomy surgery is used for directly removing bone material from the spinal column to eliminate compression, which microdiscectomy surgery concerns removing part of the disc between the vertebrae.

Cervical/neck surgery, as the name implies, is for people suffering from pain coming from the cervical vertebrae in the neck. This method is usually recommended when all non-invasive treatments—such as physical therapy, bed rest, and medication—have failed. Two types of cervical surgery are employed: decompression surgery, which treats nerve or spinal impingement; or fusion surgery for stabilizing the spine.

Like cervical/neck surgery, lumbar spine surgery is used to either decompress or stabilize the spine. However, lumbar spine surgery focuses on the lower section of the spine, or lumbar vertebrae. This is distinguished from sciatica surgery, which primarily deals with the lumbar nerves, or sciatic nerves.

About Spine Guide:
Spine Guide is an e-health source of information for people who wish to learn more about the spine: its anatomy, related ailments, and treatment procedures. Content is provided by a team of writers, editors, and medical professionals, with facts clearly cited with verifiable professional sources and articles reviewed by at least one person on the site's Medical Advisory Board. For more information on back surgery options, patients or visitors can email Spine Guide at info(at)spineguide(dot)com. The website address is http://www.spineguide.com.

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