RevitaDERM® Psoriasis Treatment Now Available At Over 7,600 CVS/pharmacies

Blaine Labs, Inc. announced that RevitaDERM® Psoriasis Treatment is now available at CVS/pharmacy locations nationwide.

Santa Fe Springs, California (PRWEB) August 20, 2014

Blaine Labs®, the creators of Tineacide®, designed the innovative RevitaDERM® Psoriasis Treatment to ease the redness, itching and flaking that is associated with psoriasis. This all-in-one product was created to treat, moisturize, and soothe psoriasis symptoms.

RevitaDERM® Psoriasis Treatment is powered by coal tar and formulated to significantly reduce the odor commonly associated with this effective ingredient.

RevitaDERM® Psoriasis Treatment is a cream, not an oily ointment or gel, designed for discrete and long-term use. It is an all-in-one psoriasis relief product containing the most powerful natural ingredients without the need for a prescription. Developed by a physician, RevitaDERM® Psoriasis Treatment is gentle enough for skin of all ages and can be used on children’s skin as directed.

Doctors and patients agree that RevitaDERM® Psoriasis Treatment is their choice to relieve symptoms of psoriasis.

Simply stated, RevitaDERM® Psoriasis Treatment is:

  •     Formulated to provide fast relief from symptoms of psoriasis.
  •     Powered by coal tar.
  •     Mildly scented for discrete and long-term use.
  •     A cream with a smooth, non-oily feel.
  •     An all-in-one product with no prescription needed.
  •     Safe as a topical cream for all ages.

Also relieves Eczema - Seborrheic Dermatitis – Itching – Flaking – Dry, Cracked Skin

RevitaDERM® Psoriasis Treatment includes a free travel-size container and comes with a 100% Money-back guarantee. RevitaDERM® Psoriasis Treatment can be found at or in all CVS/pharmacy locations nationwide in the First Aid section.

About Blaine Labs®:

Blaine Labs, Inc. is located in Santa Fe Springs, California. Formed in 1995, Blaine Labs, Inc. develops and distributes premium treatments for the podiatry, dermatology and cosmetic surgery medical markets. RevitaDERM® Psoriasis Treatment is an all-in-one psoriasis relief product created by Blaine Labs, Inc. For additional information, visit for psoriasis relief information.


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