Go Blue Then and Now Expands Model to Serve as Hub for Charity Event Visibility Globally

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OneVoiceASNC.org is a global Digital Media presence for Athlete, Entertainer and Media Personality charity events. It is an extension of a model originally designed to create greater visibility for University of Michigan alumni athlete foundations.

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"OneVoiceASNC utilizes the established concept that gathering information about charitable events in one place is helpful to all."

In 2012, a group of NFL & NBA Michigan alumni created an online community Go Blue Then and Now. It's purpose was to engage the Michigan fan base through Digital Media to share information about charity events (e.g. golf tournaments) hosted by Michigan alumni athletes. The concept was simple: post the information in a single presence (an Affinity Social Network Community™) with comprehensive social media reach. The affinity community then uses members' networks to exponentially leverage the reach of the information.

The community concept:

The internet was heralded in the 1990s as an information superhighway. Early users benefited from open roads and speedy travel. Two decades later, the superhighway has become quite crowded. The challenge for both users and those wishing to communicate with respect to discrete issues is making a connection.

While the U.S. freeway system significantly enhanced the speed of travel, it also removed from view numerous smaller cities and interesting attractions. This problem was mitigated by exit signage displaying information such as services available and interesting attractions along the highway. Travelers utilize the signage to self-select points of interest and places to enjoy. The signage similarly benefits local businesses and attractions by providing free visibility.

OneVoiceASNC is similarly erecting signs on the information superhighway. It operates at no cost to either charities or viewers. Instead, it allows charities to "join" and provide information including links to their websites and event information. The website then sorts the information in several ways allowing users to find causes of interest, geographical matches, event type choices and search by high profile individual's charitable causes (many arising out of issues that impacted them personally).

Using Go Blue Then and Now as an example:

Go Blue Then and Now began with a handful of people in 2012. That handful has now grown to a direct reach of approximately 150,000 (Twitter, Facebook and Linked in).

The current featured event is a September 8, 2014 golf tournament in Detroit for the benefit of JRLA, a public charter high school. JRLA was founded in 2011 by Jalen Rose who grew up in Detroit. Jalen is passionate about creating educational opportunities for current students to enhance their opportunities to attend college. The 2011 freshman class scholars are now seniors. With the 2014 freshman class, JRLA will now have all four grades (JRLA opened with simply a freshman class).

The golf tournament is a significant source of revenue for the school, which does not charge tuition. The Go Blue Then and Now network has reached many participants who would otherwise not have known about the event. The additional visibility led to additional participants and very high margin donations (there is no real additional cost for the last few participants to join a golf tournament).

OneVoiceASNC is an extension of this innovation to a global audience:

OneVoiceASNC utilizes the established concept that gathering information about charitable events in one place is helpful to all. Users will be able to review a broad variety of charitable causes and events.
While the website has not yet been finalized (the master data base is still being tested for security and functionality), the broader social media presence is live. Thus, the "presence" and network exist and are growing. The final website is projected to be completed this fall. Until the database is finalized, interested parties can join the OneVoiceASNC community through its Linked In group.

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