John Carvalho’s New Book “The Crisis Of Our Time” Generates Discussion In Literary And Hollywood Circles

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John Carvalho’s unconventional, nonfiction masterpiece “The Crisis Of Our Time,” which discusses the complex struggles of the human condition, creates excitement following red carpet event in Hollywood.

Dr. John Carvalho, former Harvard University scholar, recently published his provocative, new book “The Crisis Of Our Time” (AuthorHouse). To commemorate the global launch of his opus, Carvalho held a marquee, red carpet event in Hollywood, California at the world famous Bugatta on August 10th. The black-tie reception attracted members of the arts, music, and entertainment communities, and during the evening Carvalho was honored with a “Best Literary Writer” nomination from the Artists In Music Awards and a “Legacy Award” from the Honorary Mayor Of Beverly Hills.

Since the debut of “The Crisis Of Our Time,” the book and its author have already generated discussion within literary and Hollywood circles. In a recent San Francisco Chronicle post, Carvalho stated: “This autobiographical discourse, as I call it, tackles the key issues presently plaguing our society: global health and spread of infectious diseases, economic recession, planetary climate change, fiscal austerity, and the personal, psychological stress that we encounter while we try to find meaning amidst a world of apparent purposelessness… In Crisis, I expand on my theory of ‘causal circular systems’ and show how causes, that have mediocrity as their foundation, feed off and exacerbate effects, which, in turn, reinforce those same causes. In fact, I take the scientific theory from biology and global health and reveal how it pertains to other matters, like economics, climate change, foreign affairs, and even the mystery of our human mortality.”

“The Crisis Of Our Time” instantly earned its author a “Best Literary Writer” nomination from AIMA because of its unique, literary style that is virtually unseen in nonfiction. A Houston Chronicle post stated: “Carvalho hope’s that the stylistic nature of the book…will help make the book’s content accessible to everyone.”

The manuscript is a memoir of Carvalho’s life and career, a political discussion about world problems and resolutions to them, and a philosophical reflection regarding reality and human psychology.

“The book is essentially divided into three general sections,” says Dr. Carvalho, a winner of the United States National Research Service Award who has published extensively in the peer-reviewed, scholarly press. “In the first two, the reader gets a glimpse of my novel, literary style but still recognizes that the book is nonfiction. In the last, however, the reader feels as if he or she is reviewing a fictional story, but, in fact, the quotations and tale presented are actually retrieved directly from unique, human experience.”

It is precisely these points regarding “The Crisis Of Our Time” which have sparked discussion within literary and entertainment circles. Examiner Magazine calls Carvalho’s new book “an artistic work exhibiting philosophical, scientific, and historical depth.” Additionally, Carvalho’s use of language to challenge conventional, human conceptions was discussed in a recent press release regarding his AIMA nomination. Subsequently, Carvalho discussed his book’s cinematic potential during his interview with the online talk show Indie Voices. “I intentionally wrote ‘The Crisis Of Our Time’ so that many of its chapters could be converted into short film, a documentary, or even a full-length motion picture,” then said Carvalho to Indie Voices Host Sunil Sadarangani.

A number of industry experts at the event concurred with Carvalho’s assessment and Carvalho, himself an advocate for the arts and entertainment in Hollywood and the surrounding areas, is excited about the prospects: “My colleagues and I will certainly be furthering the message of ‘The Crisis Of Our Time’ through film, radio and television.”

Among other notorieties that attended Dr. John Carvalho’s red carpet event and global book launch were Hollywood F.A.M.E. Award winner and Guinness Book of World Records actor Bill Blair (Star Trek, Argo), AIMA executive producer Mikey Jayy, the Honorary Mayor of Beverly Hills David Harrison Levi, Hollywood stuntman Raynald La Rochelle, recording artist Marneen Lynne Fields, actor Albert Serrato, movie director Michael Donahue, actor Jimmy Dux, rock artist Glitter Rose, actress Meli Alexander, recording artist Alberto Carrillo, actress Shelley Starrett, R Victoria Jodis (executive producer and host of “BIZ Stars TV”), Perris Alexander (CEO/executive producer of “Right Door Productions”), AuthorHouse author Cfayla Johnson, celebrity liaison Lucky Romero, recording artist Trevor Page, actress Maria Flores, DJ Benjamin Swift, actor Mizo Ghendar, actor Miguel Pu, fashion designer Eugene Sidney, movie producer Mike Quiroga (Dream Cinema Productions), movie producer Fernando Jimenez, composer/guitarist Lucas Bakker, actor Rudy Morfeus, pianist Isaac Hanna, celebrity photographer Roland De Guzman, celebrity photographer Travis Jourdain, author Jon Woodward and cast members of the motion picture film “Hidden Valley: The Awakening” (Skyler Seymour, Donovan Dustin, Apple Williams, Jake Lynn).

AuthorHouse, the world leader in print-on-demand, is the publisher for The Crisis of Our Time. The Indiana-based company lists over 60,000 book titles, including those written by Hollywood celebrities, U.S. Senators, and best selling, career authors. The company, via collaboration, has 38,000 retailers worldwide including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Baker and Taylor. A number of its printed books have been converted into Hollywood motion pictures.

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