Arctic Comfort Explains How AC Units Work This Summer

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Arctic Comfort Air Conditioning and Heating says it’s easy to understand how a home central air conditioning system works.

Those that are thinking about buying an air conditioning system before the end of summer may be wondering how a central air conditioning system works. Arctic Comfort Air Conditioning and Heating can explain to those curious about air conditioning systems that understanding how they work is pretty easy.

There are four main components to an air conditioning system: the outdoor condensing unit, the indoor evaporator coil that works in conjunction with the outdoor condensing unit, the indoor air handling unit, which serves a dual purpose of heating, and air handling and the duct systems.

The outdoor condensing unit removes the heat from inside the home. Ever feel the hot air coming out the top of the condensing unit? That’s the hot air that once was in the home. If it is not hot air, then it’s not cooling and it also means your compressor is not on.

The indoor evaporator coil works in conjunction with the outdoor unit to cool the home. The indoor evaporator coil is in a box, so the coil can’t be seen, but, it looks similar to a car radiator. The refrigerant traveling from the outdoor to the indoor evaporator coil makes the coil get icy cold, then the blower of the indoor air handling unit blows warm air over this icy cold coil to make cold air come out the vents in each room.

The indoor evaporator coil removes the humidity (moisture, water) from the air. If the unit is not making water, it’s not cooling. The water it wrings out from the air has to go somewhere, so the indoor evaporator coil has an internal drain pan that catches the water and drains the water out of the drain pan by means of a main drain line that usually empties into the homes main drain.

The air handling unit, a gas furnace or electric air handler, serves a dual purpose. In the summer, only the blower section of the air handling unit is used to blow air over the icy cold evaporator coil and through the duct systems. In the winter, the heating section and blower are used to blow warm air through the duct systems.

Air is moved throughout the home by duct systems, which consist of plenums and ducts. Ducts move air from one place to another. Typically ducts are not attached directly to the equipment, so a box called a plenum, large enough to accommodate all the ducts, is attached to the indoor equipment and then the ducts are attached to the plenum and ran to their respective areas.

Those that are ready to replace their old air conditioner this summer can call Arctic Comfort Air Conditioning and Heating at 972-530-8384. Arctic’s experts can help customers choose the right system, capacity and efficiency for their home and budget. Each system is matched to each customer’s needs. Arctic Comfort Air Conditioning and Heating also offers professional installation, inspections and maintenance when necessary.
<br>About the company:<br>Since 1990, Arctic Comfort Air Conditioning and Heating has provided dependable air conditioning installation, air conditioning repair, heating repair, service, equipment and quality products to Garland and surrounding Dallas area homeowners. Whether customers need new air conditioning and heating equipment or repair of existing heating and air conditioning systems, Arctic Comfort Air Conditioning and Heating meets the highest performance standards in the business, from employee training, to customer care. They are fully qualified to repair or service existing air conditioning and heating systems, as well as help select a new comfort system that best fits the customer’s home and needs. They are a family owned and operated company that believes in caring, reliable service. Customers will have the same tech in their home every time they call to have a repair or service done.

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