61% Think Men Should Pay for Dates, According to PositiveSingles.com Survey

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The STD dating website PositiveSingles.com conducted a hot new survey about whether men or women should pay for their own meals on dates. The survey results show that 61.9% of members think that men should pay for dates, compared with only 38.1% who feel that women should pay for themselves.


In the dating world, a common question is who should pay for the cost of dates. A new survey from the herpes dating site PositiveSingles.com has an answer. 61.9% of respondents say that men should pay for dates, while only 38.1% of them felt that women should buy their own meals.

The majority of voters (nearly 62 percent) felt that men should pay, citing a number of reasons. Some felt that guys need to take care of women – that's what their biology tells them to do, and men feel good when they do it. Others mentioned that women need to feel cared for. This can be true especially for strong women who are used to taking care of themselves as well as others.

The minority view (about 38 percent) said that women should pay for their own meals on dates. The people on this side of the issue said that nobody should ever pay for anyone else. They felt that the "men should pay" approach was sexist, and that, as a society, we need to get rid of this notion in order to create true equality for everyone.

This question was a hot topic on PositiveSingles.com, an online dating site that specializes in dating with herpes, HIV, or other STDs. The site has over 850,000 members and a very active online community. Thousands of people visit the site each day to participate in the forums discussing herpes dating and general dating questions while also sharing advice and support.

“We are delighted to see how active our community has been in discussing dating trends and how they are changing as our society evolves,” said Jenelle Marie, Spokesperson for PositiveSingles.com. “Our forum gives people an opportunity to vote on issues and hot topics while being able to express their views within a supportive community. With over 15,000 people involved in our forums every day, we knew this question would get a lot attention."

About PositiveSingles.com:

PositiveSingles.com is the largest dating site in the world for single people with STDs. The website has been helping herpes singles to find love and companionship for over 13 years, and has reported more than 60,000 success stories. Members on the site are able to meet new dating partners, make friends, and find support and advice. Privacy is also a major priority, and member information is never rented, sold, or disclosed.

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