Filmmakers Crowdfunding Simontology

Exciting new comedy crowdfunding on IndieGoGo. (News Source: Good Life Productions)

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Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) August 21, 2014

Good Life Productions announced today that they are crowdfunding a comedic feature film called SIMONTOLOGY, using a film teaser to give people a feel for the movie.

In the vein of THE BOOK OF MORMON, SIMONTOLOGY plays with the origins of extreme religions and cults. 

“The world needs to laugh, and comedies are obviously one of the the best ways to accomplish that,” Director Bryan Watkins said. “The movie is about a smooth-talking slacker named Simon Peacock who can’t afford his property taxes, so he registers his house as a church with the IRS to dodge them. Then when they investigate, he actually has to start the church, based on a comic book he wrote about aliens. The kicker is, people start to join and really buy into it. The film has a BIG LEBOWSKI vibe to it, except the circumstances are even wilder.”  

The filmmakers have already shot a teaser/trailer starring well-known actors, including Todd Lowe and Jesse Heiman. “Rather than just say, ‘Here, trust us with your money,’ we wanted to show people what the movie is going to be like. That’s why we shot a teaser. Now you can watch it and decide if you want to be part of the full movie when we shoot it.” 

For more information and to watch the trailer, visit


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