Tranztec Solutions Announces New Expanded Tranzactor™ A2A Integration Library for the Transportation Industry

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Tranzactor™ A2A Allows for Literally “Anything to Anything Integration” Enabling Full Business Automation for the Transportation Industry.

Tranztec Solutions

Tranztec Solutions

If you are manually entering data, enforcing process, or having people do repetitive tasks within your TMS, then you definitely need Tranzactor™ A2A Integrator.

Tranztec Solutions, Inc., a leader in transportation technology, recently announced that its Tranzactor™ A2A Integrator, part of the Tranzactor™ Integration Suite, has expanded its integration library to include some of the most popular Transportation Applications available in the industry. Users of Tranzactor™ A2A Integrator can now link popular industry applications such as FleetLocate™ and TMW Synergize™ directly with any other application including popular dispatch systems from companies like TMW Systems and others. Tranzactor™ A2A Integrator now includes over 100 new integration functions allowing for even greater business automation across the entire enterprise.

What Is Tranzactor™ A2A Integrator?

Tranzactor™ A2A Integrator is a state-of-the-art business automation and integration platform designed for enterprise-wide process automation, data transformation and decision support for the Transportation Industry. Tranzactor™ A2A Integrator allows users to create business logic and automation workflows simply and easily with Visio style graphical editing, allowing companies to tightly integrate and automate all aspects of their business without the need for a large programming staff.

“Tranzactor™ A2A Integrator enables faster information flows and advanced business decisions”, explained James King, Tranztec’s Vice President of Product Management, “If you are manually entering data, enforcing process, or having people do repetitive tasks within your TMS, then you definitely need Tranzactor™ A2A Integrator.”

“Tranzactor™ A2A Integrator empowers endless transportation automation possibilities,” said Toby Miller, President of Tranztec, “We are specialists in integration-based services, and with Tranzactor™ A2A Integrator, there is virtually nothing we can’t integrate or automate.” Miller further explained, “Tranzactor™ A2A Integrator even enables the automatic creation of custom web-based services and applications. The technology is so powerful, it has been utilized as the infrastructure for much of our own software such as VIA™, our logistics mobile communications platform.”

Tranzactor™ A2A Integrator powers transportation and software companies with business automation solutions including:

Dynamic Web Service Applications

Using our patent-pending workflow-based web service technology, Tranzactor™ A2A Integrator allows the creation of fully functional web services on top of any application without the need for extensive programming efforts. Leveraging this technology, Tranztec built a fully featured mobile application for a large international shipping firm that fully integrates with TMW Suite and TMW Synergize automating arrival and departure as well as providing integrated POD capture and processing.

Automatic Load Position Reporting, Messaging & Communication

Tranzactor™ A2A Integrator can be leveraged to create geo-fences that automate procedures based on business criteria in a custom set of workflows. Southern Tank Transport, a TL2000 customer, employed Tranzactor™ A2A Integrator to automatically monitor the movement of their trucks through the incoming position reports of their Qualcomm system. The custom workflow monitors loads for a specific customer, creates geo-fences for the customer locations automatically, and tracks when the truck is nearing, or entering the geo-fence. Tranzactor™ A2A Integrator leverages defined business rules to generate automated messages that a truck is arriving to their operations as well as the customer.

Automatic Data Extraction & Population

Tranzactor™ A2A Integrator also provides seamless, automated web integration from any website or portal, eliminating human errors and saving countless hours. Northern Refrigerated Trucking is using the technology to integrate with Lean Logistics. Efficiency is significantly gained through Tranzactor™ A2A Integrator’s custom workflows to connect to Lean Logistics portal, extract offered load information, and send it to Truckmate as a Load Tender. Additionally, Tranzactor™ A2A Integrator tracks those loads and inputs the shipment status information into Lean Logistics from the EDI output from Truckmate. Once completed, the workflow seamlessly enters the invoices into Lean Logistics and makes decisions on what accessorial charges and other information to add to the invoice based on a set of defined business rules.

Automatic Billing/Invoicing

Tranzactor™ A2A Integrator can be used to streamline a company’s billing process to not only manage the documents, but send the invoices. Several transportation companies have leveraged Tranzactor™ A2A Integrator to extract generated invoices of specific customers from TMW Suite and extract the POD paperwork from their document imaging system, convert everything to a single PDF format, and e-mail it to the customer without the need for user intervention.

About Tranzactor™ Integration Suite

Tranzactor™ Integration Suite is the result of 20 years of professional research in the transportation and logistics industries. The suite was developed to eliminate the underlying problems companies face in unifying the many different technologies used in the industry today helping them become more proficient, productive, and profitable. Tranzactor™ Integration Suite is a data integration, transformation, and communications platform that provides a wide range of integration solutions including web services, workflow, decision support, optimization, EDI, and secure communications. Tranzactor™ A2A Integrator comes as a standard component of the Tranzactor™ Integration Suite or may be purchased separately.

About Tranztec Solutions, Inc.
Tranztec Solutions' professionals have well over 30 years of expertise in software development in the Transportation industry covering every facet of technology. Our customers include many different sizes and types of Carriers and Logistics companies and some of the most well-known transportation technology providers from the United States and Canada.

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