Employers Eradicate $500 Million in Potential Form I-9 Liability in 12 Months using Tracker I-9 Resolve

Employers cleanse over 1 million records with Tracker I-9 Resolve, the first solution to make remediation viable for large numbers of I-9s

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Complete I-9 & E-Verify Compliance

Tracker Corp

"Tracker’s I-9 remediation solution allowed us to quickly and efficiently cleanse large volumes of forms.”-- Mark Roberts, VP of Corporate HR for The Kroger Co.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) August 21, 2014

Tracker Corp, the leading provider of hiring compliance solutions for large organizations, today announced that employers have used its I-9 remediation solution, Tracker I-9 Resolve, to cleanse more than one million I-9 records and eliminate over $500 million in potential liability in just 12 months. For the first time, employers have the ability to sweep clean large numbers of I-9s and eliminate $ millions in potential liability with fast, efficient, and approachable technology.

Because the majority of paper I-9s are non-compliant and subject to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) fines of up to $1,100, an employer’s stored I-9 records pose a large potential liability. Based on Tracker’s analysis of over one million I-9 records, on average, 76% of paper I-9’s are in error. Records created with first-generation electronic I-9 systems also have a significant error rate.

Tracker I-9 Resolve represents a new generation of I-9 remediation solutions with the ability to restore I-9 records to compliance automatically. I-9 Resolve can auto-correct up to 74% of I-9 errors with no manual intervention and further provides non-specialists with step-by-step guidance to correct the remaining errors. I-9 Resolve validates user input along the way to make sure all changes are compliant, and generates ICE-compliant audit trails. I-9 Resolve is the first remediation solution that corrects the majority of I-9 errors automatically, allowing employers to bring their stored I-9s into full compliance with a fraction of the effort, time, and expense of other approaches.

“Proactive employers want their I-9s to be in full compliance, but until now they’ve had no viable option for cleansing a large number of records,” said Tim Danison, CEO of Tracker Corp. “With Tracker I-9 Resolve, our customers have cleansed over a million I-9 records in the past 12 months. This shows the pent-up demand for a solution that makes remediation of large numbers of I-9 records viable.”

“We transitioned from using various methods of completing I-9s within the company to using Tracker’s electronic I-9 solution which ensures more fully compliant and highly efficient I-9 & E-Verify processing of new hires,” said Mark Roberts, VP of Corporate HR for The Kroger Co. “However, we also wanted confidence that our legacy I-9s were likewise compliant. Tracker’s I-9 remediation solution, I-9 Resolve, allowed us to quickly and efficiently cleanse large volumes of forms.”

About Tracker Corp
Tracker Corp is the leading provider of electronic I-9 and E-Verify solutions for large employers and is on the 2014 Inc. 500 list of America’s fastest growing private companies. Tracker Corp has the only I-9 compliance solution that delivers flawless I-9 & E-Verify compliance while eliminating 85% of the workload. Tracker I-9 Resolve is the only remediation solution that automatically cleanses the majority of errors in existing I-9s. Tracker Corp products were awarded a 2014 TekTonic Award recognizing the most innovative & disruptive HR technology solutions. Tracker Corp customers have enjoyed clean I-9 audit results from U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) with no resulting fines. Tracker Corp customers include The Kroger Co., 7-Eleven, Abercrombie & Fitch, Urban Outfitters, Bridgestone Tires, Integrity Staffing, Milliken & Company and others. To learn more visit http://www.trackercorp.com.