Norway’s Green IaaS Company, Fjord IT, Brings ElasticBox’s IT as a Service Approach To Customers to Collaboratively Build and Evolve Business Applications In Real Time

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This new partnership gives developers and IT operations teams in Fjord IT’s customer organizations reusable and collaborative tools to help them create, deploy and manage applications in the cloud in real-time

Today, ElasticBox, the company that enables IT as a service capabilities (ITaaS) along with real time collaboration on the delivery of applications at the enterprise scale, is announcing a new partnership with Fjord IT, one of Europe’s greenest virtual data centers. This partnership will bring ElasticBox into Fjord IT’s hydropowered data centers and, eventually, to every Fjord IT customer. ElasticBox’s unique approach to application development, deployment, and management combines with Fjord IT’s sustainability to create a compelling platform for users.

Data centers -- the buildings where all information in the cloud is physically stored -- take a lot of power to run. Fjord IT has built data centers powered by water and cooled by the chill of the outside air, helping customers scale their computer power in a nearly carbon-neutral way. By bringing ElasticBox into their own data center and eventually to their customers, Fjord IT will now offer energy efficient infrastructure coupled with application delivery software that allows companies to collaboratively build and evolve their applications, all while being as environmentally-responsible as possible.

“Companies that adopt practices and tools that enable collaboration and easier ways for developers and IT operations to work together add value to every aspect of their business and drive their bottom line forward.” said Ravi Srivatsav, CEO and cofounder of ElasticBox. “Fjord IT is a forward thinking company that sees the value in not only approaching data center infrastructure in a new way, but also applications that run in the cloud. We are thrilled to help drive them forward into a greener future.”

ElasticBox lets developers:

  • Collaborate in real-time for the first time ever: With the ability to actually work together in real-time with someone at another computer, ElasticBox brings the power of collaboration to enterprise cloud software development.
  • Build applications once with reusable and repeatable deployment: Configuration management, runtimes and platforms are packaged together into reusable components called Boxes. Boxes are stacked together to build applications and can be shared with coworkers and be repeatedly deployed anywhere.
  • Keep projects on track: ElasticBox lets you define how you share; ensuring the distribution of stable, validated Boxes rather than unstable works in progress.
  • Fix and update business applications while they are still running: ElasticBox lets you easily and securely update your applications in real time, ensuring there’s never downtime and updates are pushed smoothly -- never again pull an application down for repairs or adjustments.

On the other end of the spectrum, ElasticBox empowers IT operations to:

  • Create a curated application and infrastructure catalog for developers: Developers now have access to a self-service catalog of components created by IT operations, who can track and maintain the different versions and edits of these components.
  • Completely govern instance lifecycles: ElasticBox offers tools like the Lifecycle Editor that allow changes to be made, reconfigured and pushed back to the catalog all in one place, while also providing detailed logs of all changes made for tracking purposes.
  • Provide infrastructure resources while still maintaining policy controls: IT operations can add cloud resources to ElasticBox through the use of APIs and share those resources with developers along with setting restrictions on the use of those resources.

“We believe it’s important to use -- and reuse -- resources as efficiently as possible to reduce emissions from the IT industry on a global scale. This principle is embedded in everything we do,” said Helge Gallefoss, CEO of Fjord IT. “By integrating ElasticBox into our data center, we are striving to make internal developer and IT operations as efficient as our cooling technology, and are excited to bring it to our customers across the world.”

Developers and Operations people interested in signing up for ElasticBox can do so for free at the following link:

Companies interested in receiving more information about ElasticBox’s enterprise solution can contact:

More information about ElasticBox and Fjord IT’s partnership can be found here:

About ElasticBox
Founded in 2011, ElasticBox is a DevOps platform that streamlines the development, deployment, and management of multi tier applications across any cloud. Developers and IT operations can collaborate to create a catalog of applications and infrastructure components that can be consumed as a service. Once defined, applications can be seamlessly deployed and managed in any cloud environment.

ElasticBox’s investors include: Nexus Venture Partners, Intel Capital, Sierra Ventures, and a16z seed.

About Fjord IT

Fjord IT takes on the challenge of reusing resources as efficiently as possible to reduce emissions from the IT industry on a global scale. The combination of Norwegian hydropower, patented free cooling and energy efficient technology produces a unique and competitive Virtual Data Center product called Green Data Power. Fjord IT offers Green Data Power from Norwegian data centers as a utility to Service Providers, Cloud Providers, Data Centers, Telcos and Large Enterprises in the European market. The company enables these players to gain market competitiveness by enhanced performance, scaling without capital expenditures and improve their reputation by offering a climate neutral and green service for themselves and end users.

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