Los Angeles Short Term Rental Alliance Finds Broad Voter Support For Vacation Rentals in Poll

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Data Comes As City Leaders Consider Regulations on Short Term Rentals

The poll conducted the night of July 13, shows 72% of Los Angeles voters support a fair registration program for short term rentals or vacation rentals.

In a recent poll commissioned by the Los Angeles Short Term Rental Alliance (LA-STRA) shows strong support for traditional short-term rentals, or vacation rentals, as part of the community’s economy. LA-STRA also announced the commissioning of an economic analysis to review the overall impact of vacation rentals to the Los Angeles economy that will be completed by September 22nd.

The poll, conducted the night of July 13th, shows 61% of local voters view short-term rentals as “important to Los Angeles economy”. The poll also shows 72% of Los Angeles voters support a fair registration program for traditional short-term rentals, or vacation rentals.

“This is very interesting,” said Sebastian de Kleer, president of the LA-STRA. “We are able to continue to have this conversation based on third-party data. This poll shows an overwhelming majority of our community support a fair program that allows this valuable option for travelers. With the economic impact study, we will have a complete picture of the value that short term rentals we bring to the neighborhood communities of Los Angeles.

The highlights of the poll include:
Do you think traditional short term rentals, or vacation rentals and the visitors they serve are important to the Los Angeles tourism economy?
Important 61%
Not Important 29%
Unsure 10%
Would you support a Los Angeles regulation making traditional short term rentals, or vacation rentals, legal in the City?

    Support 72%
    Oppose 18%
    Unsure 10%

The results of the poll were announced during the launch event for LA-STRA, a 501 C, formed in October 2013 to advocate for fair and effective regulations and tax compliance for short term rentals. The event on July 16th included Neighborhood Council Members and over 100 vacation rental stakeholders.

“We enjoy working collaboratively with City leaders to find an effective regulation,” said LA-STRA president Sebastian de Kleer. “An effective regulation will achieve the highest rate of compliance while responding to the demand of the vacation rental traveler.”

In 2012 the United States Conference of Mayors unanimously adopted a policy that states, “fair regulation of short-term rentals ensures greater compliance and greater receipt of local hotel taxes,” and, “, short-term rental of homes can provide a flexible housing stock that allows family travelers spending longer periods of time in a community a safe accommodation while contributing to the local economy.”

“We will continue to dedicate our resources to help the City understand the best practices from around the United States,” said LA-STRA president Sebastian de Kleer. “It’s good that we have data and examples to guide us.”
A recent economic analysis of the traditional short-term rental industry in Portland shows 375 jobs are supported in the community, and the overall economic impact is $46.5 million dollars a year. In New Orleans, a third-party study found the community benefited from vacation rentals by $174.8 million dollars a year, 2,200 jobs and over $56 million in payroll.

“By using third-party study’s we have a clear understanding of the massive local impact by the traditional short term rental activity,” said LA-STRA president Sebastian de Kleer. “Using government data, and an analysis of the industry, we are taking a very conservative approach to the final figure. The overall economic impact includes all direct, in-direct and induced impacts of the industry. We are able to show how the Los Angeles creative sector, small business owners, restaurants and other industries are positively affected by visitors using vacation rentals.”
An overall economic impact study shows the Coachella Valley area impact of the short-term rental industry to be $272 million a year. The study also shows the industry created over 2,500 jobs in that community.

“We are excited to work with Los Angeles City Hall to create a regulation that actually works for our community,” said LA-STRA president Sebastian de Kleer. “A regulation that has a high rate of compliance, is fair and effective.”

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