The World's First Water Soluble Mineral Supplement.

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Water Soluble Mineral Product That Ionizes and Dissolves Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Bio-carbonates and Iodine

IONadd, the first and only ionized mineral supplement in the world. The scientifically proven fact that separates IONadd from other mineral supplements is its absorption rate of greater than 98%. Most mineral supplements have an absorption rate of 10% to 20%. Because of the 98%+ absorption rate, not only is IONadd affordable, but customers get their money's worth.

IONadd is a unique and special mineral supplement which contains three essential minerals. These three ionized and balanced minerals include Calcium(80 mg), Magnesium(40 mg), and Zinc(4 mg) which are presented in packets of sterilized water for maximum absorption. Calcium(Ca2+) supports muscle contraction and bone building. Magnesium(Mg2+) supports brain health, muscle contraction, nerve transmission, calcium metabolism, normal blood pressure, and is a cofactor for over 300 enzymes. Zinc(Zn2+) supports antioxidant production, wound healing, Myelin, fat metabolism, insulin function, tissue repair, skin health, and is a cofactor for over 250 enzymes.

Why should people take IONadd?

Ions play a major role in sustaining the energy or life force in the cells of body. Ions are simply individual atoms or groups of atoms that have acquired electrical charges. These charges can be either negative, by gaining electrons, or positive, by losing electrons. What is really important, is the combined “punch” provided by the 3 mineral elements found in IONadd. Magnesium, Calcium, and Zinc.

Deficiency of minerals is responsible for most chronic diseases

Only "ionized" minerals, or the ions released from minerals when exposed to water, can be adequately absorbed and utilized by the cells.

Not all minerals are ionically suspended. Most minerals already present in water are too large to be assimilated.

Minerals are essential elements for our body’s construction and function. Unfortunately, we do not receive all of the essential minerals we need from our diet, even a well-balanced diet.

The reason for mineral deficiency is because the soil has been depleted of minerals due to erosion, overuse of inorganic fertilizers, and other farming practices. In 1936, Rex Beach presented document #264 to the U.S. Senate, which discussed Dr. Charles Northen’s research on prevalent mineral depletion of America’s soil.

At that time, North America’s soils were estimated to be hugely lacking in mineral content and 99% of Americans were considered to be mineral deficient. The 1992 Rio Earth Summit concluded that “there is a deep concern over continuing major declines in the mineral values in farm and range soils throughout the world.” This statement was based on data indicating that over the last 100 years, average mineral levels in agricultural soils had fallen worldwide—by 72% in Europe, 76% in Asia, and 85% in North America.

The above information explains why we should increase our intake of minerals. And, if you want to receive the maximum absorption of minerals, take IONadd. Simply add it to water or juice.

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