DeskAlerts Updates Unobtrusive Functionality For End Users

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DeskAlerts is making internal communications more efficient than ever with the introduction of an unobtrusive mode function.

The desktop alerts provider is making internal communications more efficient than ever with the introduction of an unobtrusive mode function. Specially engineered to enhance workplace efficiency, the new DeskAlerts mode replaces the conventional desktop pop up notification with a subtle flashing envelop icon indicating that there is new mail to be read at a more appropriate time. Useful, effective and inherently valuable, the new DeskAlerts mode is set to instantly up the productivity of workforces across the globe.

Roman Toporkov, Lead Developer at DeskAlerts said, “We’re committed to enhancing workplace productivity which is why we’ve had developers working tirelessly on incorporating the all new unobtrusive mode into the DeskAlerts system.”

Recent research conducted by the University of Glasgow revealed that 80% of work related emails are unnecessary. As well as contributing to staff stress, out of control inboxes due to a constant influx of company emails can chew up a huge 10,400 of annual employee hours. DeskAlerts offers businesses an intelligent solution to the issue with its intelligent desktop alerts software. The web based system allows managers to quickly and efficiently distribute information to multiple employees without putting a strain on inbox management.

However while the function is incredibly beneficial, DeskAlerts representatives admit that the notifications can still draw employee attention away from the task at hand. In response, the company has developed an exciting new feature specially designed to keep employees focused. Referred to as unobtrusive mode, the function discreetly notifies employees that they have received a new message without diverting their attention from a more important task.

The new mode can be used by employees working in all market sectors. For corporate end users, unobtrusive mode is an effective way of ensuring that desktop notifications do not interrupt important meeting or presentations. Similarly, those working in the health industry can select unobtrusive mode as a way of preventing consultations from being disrupted. A number of prominent clients stand to benefit from the new upgrade, including national and international companies such as Siemens, Royal Canin, NHS and Comcast.

Roman Toporkov, Lead Developer at DeskAlerts said, “DeskAlerts is used by a huge portfolio of clients operating in all market sectors. From schools and universities to hospitals and medical practices, every organisation manager knows and appreciates the value of enhanced workplace efficiency. Our intelligent new unobtrusive mode takes into account employee behavior and is specially designed to help managers minimize staff distraction.”

There has been extensive research conducted into the cost of workplace interruptions, with recent statistics revealing that even something as short as a one minute interruption can increase overall task completion time by 10-15 minutes. When this time loss is applied to a large employee base, it can represent significant time and monetary losses for the company in question. DeskAlerts’ all new unobtrusive mode eliminates unnecessary interruptions to ensure that employees stay focused and productive. With recent studies indicating that the cost of employee distraction sits at around $10,790 per worker, unobtrusive mode has the potential to save businesses a huge amount of cash.

Additional research has also indicated that constant workplace interruptions contribute to mental exhaustion. Not only does this render employees more likely to make errors and misinformed decisions but the results can also represent substantial monetary losses for the companies they represent. DeskAlerts users taking advantage of unobtrusive mode can ensure that interruptions are kept to an absolute minimum. In turn, this will immediately help to increase employee productivity and boost the bottom line of any business.

Thanks to meticulous in-house user testing, the new unobtrusive mode is incredibly easy to use. Users simply select unobtrusive mode from the client application menu to ensure that any low priority desktop alert message do not popup on the screen. Instead, users will see blinking envelop icon in the tray. Clicking on the icon will direct the user to a list of unread messages. This allows staff to retain their focus and review any missed messages at a more convenient time.

With significant time, productivity and financial savings on offer, investing in a company wide DeskAlerts package is a savvy move for any business manager.

To find out more about using DeskAlerts, view the DeskAlerts video.

About DeskAlerts: DeskAlerts is the alert solution that works in technologically and geographically diverse networks. It is a completely web-based solution that can be used to send desktop alerts and news updates to any employee within your organization, improving communications and productivity with a more efficient communication strategy than traditional email alone.

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