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Significant Data Findings from the Population Health of Washington, DC are Released by HealthFair

The Department of Analytics at HealthFair published the results of the population health screenings of Washington, DC. The data was summarized over 30 months from December 2011 - June 2014. The following preliminary results have been released:

Total number of patients screened: 24,400        

Average age of patients screened: 60

Gender Mix: 49% Female, 51% Male

Ethnicity: 78.4% Caucasian, 8.7% Asian, 5.8% African American, 5.0% Hispanic, 0.1% Native American, 2.0% Other

  •     Overall, 50% had abnormal findings, ranging from abnormal lipid measurements to severely blocked arteries.
  •     28% had abnormal EKG results. Of those, 22% were mildly abnormal and 6% were abnormal.
  •     18% had abnormal echocardiogram results. Of those, 16% were mildly abnormal and 2% were abnormal.
  •     8% had abnormal ABI results. Of those, 7% were mildly abnormal and 1% were abnormal.
  •     19% had abnormal ASI results. Of those, 18% were mildly abnormal and 1% were abnormal.
  •     16% had abnormal total cholesterol. Of those, 15% were high and 1% were less than 100.
  •     19% did not have a primary care physician.
  •     58% had not had a mammogram (women) or prostate screening (men) in the last 12 months.

To learn more about HealthFair’s population health screenings and programs, please contact Doug Fellers at 321-439-8149 or dfellers(at)healthfair(dot)com.

About HealthFair:

Empowering patients with affordable access to preventive healthcare.

HealthFair is a health and wellness company dedicated to improving consumer’s quality of life through the early identification of health risk factors. Mobile health centers make the preventive testing accessible to communities and affordable to consumers. HealthFair offers more than 30 preventive tests that can help identify hidden health abnormalities and then convey these discoveries to the consumers and their physicians for follow-up care.

HealthFair delivers their services in conjunction with premier medical facilities throughout the U.S. to make sure that all potential health abnormalities and risk factors are followed-up appropriately by healthcare professionals. By utilizing a proprietary electronic medical records system, the individual’s health information is placed in the hands of the right healthcare decision makers for prompt follow-up.

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