Centurion ID Pilot Program Offers Life Raft Against Online Fraud

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Centurion ID launches "Centurion ID Login" to fight against the future of online fraud as billions of login credentials are compromised, reported by New York Times on August 6th, 2014.

As millions of Americans binged on the 27th annual Shark Week on Netflix, the real danger in the water is online fraud. Netflix alone is likely losing millions of dollars in revenue via online breaches that happen in near real time - and on a scale much deeper than the waters of the Pacific.

The recent revelation by the New York Times on August 6th, 2014,http://www.nytimes.com/2014/08/06/technology/russian-gang-said-to-amass-more-than-a-billion-stolen-internet-credentials.html?_r=0, that close to 2 billion usernames and passwords were compromised during a high magnitude breach of over 420,000 websites by a small group of Russian cybercriminals has seemingly come and gone with little done to arm businesses with tools to save them from certain demise. The breach was allegedly perpetrated by a small group of young technophiles living in the same small town. Armed with little more than a wifi connection, YouTube tutorials, and the help of thousands of zombie bot machines, a new generation of agile, nimble and mobile fraudsters is lurking just beneath the surface, threatening to destroy almost every business doing transactions online.

Centurion ID, http://www.centurionid.com, a leader in online fraud detection and protection, is taking a proactive stance and not staying quiet. A recent New York Times article quoted Lillian Allon, Security Researcher, Rand Corporation, as stating that “the ability to attack is certainly outpacing the ability to defend” against these threats.

“We reject the notion that cybercriminals deserve victory in what is a global war zone dialed in on near-catastrophe for almost every business sector on the planet. The last thing we are doing is allowing new developments in online fraud to outpace our ability to end it. With the launch of our Centurion ID(™) Login product, we’re effectively declaring global war on online fraud and proving our mettle with clients in categories ranging from e-commerce to online gambling. The stakes are simply too high to let fear lead the day,” said Ronald I Gross, Chief Executive Officer, Centurion ID. “In fact, we’re offering 1,000,000 free logins of our new Centurion Login(™) product to the first 100 applicants to prove we are a formidable opponent to these fraudsters”.

“Centurion ID is preparing its major launch of the Centurion Login Product as of September 1st, 2014, and as a prelude to this we are offering this loss leader to the community at large,” said Adam Urban, Chief Operations Officer.

About Centurion ID
CenturionID Login(™) is a lightweight, extremely fast, and low-cost service that analyzes site visitors in near real-time, helping to validate each user’s account privileges. .CenturionID Login (™) reviews device information, IP addresses, IP geo-location, mobile indicators, proxies and velocities. Centurion ID (™) also provides the fastest online fraud detection in the Industry – 350 milliseconds. Centurion ID provides the most comprehensive review of all online card not present fraud in the Industry – over 240 variables, while reducing false positives, one of the most expensive losses to online companies. The tools are easy to implement and can be integrated within 2 weeks or less. Competitively priced, Centurion ID(™) provides over ten tools including the deepest database in the industry - all designed to prevent fraud and elevate sales.

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