BIOEQUA'S EQUA ESSENTIAL Product Line Redefines Skin Care & Now Available in America

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Discovery in Emergency Burn Care Unit Inspires Fast, Effective Nano-jet Skin Treatments

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We have totally rethought the accepted method of applying moisturizers and rejuvenating creams, and have come up with something that will change the future of skin care.

BIOEQUA, an innovative line of skin care products that are applied through the use of a handheld spray, has made its EQUA ESSENTIAL line available to consumers across the United States.

The brand began with an unexpected discovery in an emergency burn care unit. BIOEQUA researchers were surprised to learn that the application of nanospray technology allowed for liquid medication to be made extremely small and delivered directly to skin's basal layer. This resulted in immediate absorption and reparative effects. The researchers also discovered how nanospray technology could be further integrated into skin care products through the principle of iontophoresis, which sees negatively charged atomized particles added to the nanonized skin care product. This process promotes the exchange of ions, allowing skin care nutrients to instantly penetrate down to skin's basal layers for immediate therapeutic effects.

“Our unique approach to skin care has made BIOEQUA a leader in the health and beauty field,” said Dahshiam Chiao, CEO of BIOEQUA. “We have totally rethought the accepted method of applying moisturizers and rejuvenating creams, and have come up with something that will change the future of skin care."

BIOEQUA, which was invented in the United States and leverages active ingredients from both Asia and the U.S., uses nano-spray technology for quick and complete application to the skin. This technology used in BIOEQUA’s Skincare NanoJet System is more than 25 times more effective than competing topical products. EQUA ESSENTIAL is available online, over the counter, and by prescription.

“We are very pleased to bring our line of skin care products to customers throughout the U.S. market,” said Chiao. “Our groundbreaking line of beauty products is changing the way people think about skin care. BIOEQUA goes on in seconds and creates superior, lasting results that could take hours to achieve through conventional application methods.”

BIOEQUA starter kits and refills are now available, including the EQUA ESSENTIAL Intensive Firming Lifting Set, the EQUA ESSENTIAL Intensive Dark Spot Removing Set and the EQUA ESSENTIAL Intensive Hydration Set. Each kit comes with the revolutionary UltraJet mobile device and two spray refills. Additional refills may be purchased separately.

The brand’s skin care products feature ingredients chosen for their proven effectiveness and fast-acting ability. Each BIOEQUA skin care product is specially designed for conversion into nano-particles, allowing them to absorb quickly and completely into the inner skin. This biomedical technology can dramatically improve facial skin health. BIOEQUA’s skin care systems enhance skin regeneration and facilitate healthy skin development, delaying the aging process.

“Our nano-spray technology allows for our products to accomplish in a few seconds what can take other products dozens of applications to achieve,” said Chiao. This makes BIOEQUA the quickest, most effective, and least wasteful skin care line on the market.”

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