Innovative Software Solutions, Inc. announces that AKORE FTPLUS 2.1 Fuel Tax Software Expands Excise Tax Compliance Across the United States

AKORE FTPLUS 2.1 Fuel Tax Software expands their Excise Tax Compliance Monitoring Services capabilities.

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(PRWEB) August 28, 2014

Innovative Software Solutions announces that after significant testing and communication with the State of New Mexico, AKORE® FTPLUS® 2.1 Fuel Tax Software is certified to file both the Motor Fuel Combined and the Rack Operator Report using the state’s new XML TAPS format. “Starting July 2014 New Mexico Rack Operators need to be aware that the new TAPS system will no longer accept paper and XML is the only format accepted and the previous Combined Return XML format will no longer be accepted,” states Richard Carrier, President, Innovative Software Solutions.

Innovative Software Solutions, Inc. is the home of IRS EXSTARS certified AKORE® FTPlus software and AKORE® TaxCalendar, AKORE® TaxCRM, AKORE® PricingCRM, AKORE® Contacts, and AKORE® CRM software. We are also a member of the Federation of Tax Administrators and that organization’s Uniformity committee. “Because our business is making your business better.”