U.S. Mint Set Sales Slowdown Prompts Alert from GoldCoin.net

“America’s Gold Coin Superstore” spokesman Keith Kelly says the reported lack of interest in commemorative gold coin sets could translate into higher prices for those who decide to buy such coin collections.

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Gold Coin

Gold Coin

The problem is there is no way of knowing which commemorative gold coins will be profitable and which ones will tank.

Fort Worth (PRWEB) August 27, 2014

Texas-based gold coin dealer GoldCoin.net is warning investors to be wary of offers to buy commemorative gold coin sets, this after the U.S Mint and Coin News reported that sales of coin sets at the U.S. Mint fell to a 52-year low last year. GoldCoin.net spokesman Keith Kelly believes some gold dealers may try to raise the price on their current stock of mint sets to break even or make a profit on individuals who show an interest in such collectibles.

“The U.S. Mint produces some really beautiful mint sets, including gold coin sets that are really eye-catching,” Kelly said. “Unfortunately, these types of coins do not always turn out to be good investments.”

Kelly says many national and private mints tack on large premiums to coins that come in sets as “limited edition” collectibles, and in 22 years in the gold coin business he has seen many of these sets become profitable. “The problem is there is no way of knowing which commemorative gold coins will be profitable and which ones will tank.”

Kelly recommends that collectors study the history behind any commemorative gold coin they are considering purchasing, and he believes serious investors should avoid commemorative coins at all cost. “Savvy investors should always stick with widely-traded and commonly known bullion items as well as PCGS and NGC-certified, pre-1933, U.S. gold coins because those items have proven to be the most profitable investment-grade gold coins in the last 25 years,” Kelly added.

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