Lewis Clinic Dentistry Improves Patient's Longevity Through Oral Health

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Having healthy teeth is a key to living longer. According to a report provided by Lewis Clinic Dentistry, Oral health will improve a person’s longevity.

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In order to get healthier teeth and gums, a person will need to make sure they keep them clean. The first line of defense is brushing the teeth.

In order to achieve good oral health, the professionals at Lewis Clinic Dentistry want people to go to the dentist more often. As leaders in dental care since 2008, they have plenty to say about the subject.

The Facts of Good Teeth

Lewis Clinic Dentistry says that researchers have found that 37% of the people that live to and past the age of 100 have their own teeth when they are between the ages of 65 to 74. In order for a person to achieve this type of oral health, they need to begin taking care of their teeth at an early age.

It is not enough to brush your teeth daily and to floss in between meals. That does not remove all of the bacteria and harmful material that can collect on the teeth and gums. According to Lewis Clinic Density, if a person wants to have the healthy teeth they need to live to 100 and beyond, they need to make sure they are seeing the dentist on a regular basis for preventative care.

What type of care do teeth need?

In order to get healthier teeth and gums, a person will need to make sure they keep them clean. The first line of defense is brushing the teeth. The second line of defense is semi-annual cleaning of the teeth by a dental professional. The dental professionals at Lewis Clinic Dentistry have the equipment, knowledge and experience to clean the teeth the right way.

Lewis Clinic Dentistry will help with any dental health problems that an individual has. Emergency procedures such as teeth extractions, cavities and root canals are some of the services they offer. While taking care of emergency patients is important, it is much better to keep these problems from happening in the first place. That is why Lewis Clinic Dentistry is eager to let people know about the connection between oral health and long life.

Good oral health is sometimes genetic, but there is an important familial connection that Lewis Clinic Dentistry wants people to know about. If the adults in a family take proper care of their teeth, their children are more likely to also have good oral health practices. While the genes may play a role in this, the examples set by the adults are a much stronger method of teaching people how to keep their teeth healthy.

If a person wants to live to 100 years old, they may want to consider the health of their teeth. A spokesman for Lewis Clinic Dentistry said:

“Lewis Dental Clinic is aware of dental care trends and will continue to meet the needs of the public as they change.”

The professionals in this practice will continue to show a commitment to the residents of Ontario when it comes to healthy teeth and living a long and happy life.

http://www.theperfectsmile.co.uk/centenarians-have-better-teeth-study-reveals/ - Published July 29th, 2014 by Rahul Doshi

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