3 Tips to Brighten Your Outlook Following a Divorce

Online divorce service MyDivorcePapers.com (MDP) has released a new tip sheet for helping their clients reclaim a positive outlook post-divorce.

(PRWEB) August 28, 2014

Online divorce service MyDivorcePapers.com (MDP) is in the business of helping low-conflict spouses find an amicable way of ending their marriage without getting attorneys involved. However, the service also has a great deal of interest in helping divorcees con-quer the emotions that often go along with a broken marriage. In that spirit, MDP has re-leased a new tip sheet for helping their clients reclaim a positive outlook. Here’s what they recommend:

Tip One: Cut Losses.

In economics, it’s sometimes better to give up on a business that isn’t working and to take the losses as a lesson learned. Similarly, MDP urges clients to apply a business logic to their marriage once the divorce papers are final. “You invested a lot of yourself, but to invest any more time in something that’s over will only keep you from recovering,” explained a representative. “It’s better to live forward and not in the past.”

Tip Two: Reclaim Old Friendships.

While it’s true that you may have never completely fallen out of touch with your friends, MDP notes, marriage does have a way of separating you from the closeness that was once there. “If you have any friendships that haven’t been getting the time they deserved because of your marriage and divorce, now’s the time to correct that,” the rep stated. “Use your decision to file for divorce as a wakeup call. Dig up those old numbers. Place some phone calls. Schedule friend time. This is also a great time to see who your true friends are, and to become a better friend to those people.”

Tip Three: Relish Singlehood.

While it may be true that the bachelor/bachelorette lifestyle may not be a good long-term plan for you, use the newfound freedom to indulge it, MDP notes. “So many people waste the new opportunities that a divorce gives them because they think they need someone to be happy,” the rep said. “Newsflash: if you need someone else to be happy, then you’ll never truly be happy. You’ve got to learn to love yourself before you’ll find a person that shares that affection.”

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