Intelligrahics Inc Announces The Bloodhound, a Wi-Fi Packet Sniffer/Injector Software Suite for Wireless Network Development, Maintenance and Surveillance

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Bloodhound Sniffer/Injector is the “Swiss Army Knife” toolkit for every Wi-Fi development, maintenance or surveillance team. The Sniffer passively “listens” and “records” information exchanged in a particular Wi-Fi channel while the Injector device is active and can be used to transmit data in a the channel to record and analyze the response.

Intelligraphics is proud to partner with Texas Instruments to deliver optimized experiences on the OMAP platform. TI’s smart multicore processors provide a scalable high-performance low power platform that delivers the quality experience users expect.

Wi-Fi is the de facto communication mode in homes, public areas, offices and in industrial sites. To obtain highest performance of any Wi-Fi installment, precise control of the wireless network with provisions for debugging, access control and continuous monitoring for security has become relevant. Debugging and providing surveillance for Wi-Fi networks requires a stable, reliable, technically advanced solution – the Wi-Fi packet monitor (sniffer) and packet probe tool (injector).

Intelligraphics Bloodhound mobile Wi-Fi Software Suite utilizes Texas Instrument's WiLink 6.0, WiLink 7.0 and WiLink 8.0 series mobile Wi-Fi chipsets (TI WL127x / WL128x/WL18xx) to create a truly portable Mobile Hardware Sniffer/Injector.

It Features:
◆ A Single Wi-Fi Driver that acts as either a sniffer/
injector or as a stand-alone driver
◆ Clear API interface to configure and control the Sniffer/Injector operations
◆ Support for Infrastructure specific metadata on per-packet basis
◆ Support for packet filters at hardware/software layers
◆ Support for all 802.11 Wi-Fi Type and Sub-type packet filters
◆ Records captured packets with standard RadioTap header support (in .pcap format)
◆ API support to accept or reject error frames during capture
◆ Agile design architecture for additional buffering support
◆ Decodes 802.11 frames with user input for encryption type, keys and session variables
◆ Full-featured 802.11 Wi-Fi packet Injection support
◆ BT coexistence
◆ Zero-backoff Injector feature
◆ Combo designs for different requirements
◆ Off the Shelf solutions available

A recognized leader in the Wi-Fi industry, Intelligraphics custom software can be found in security solutions used by law enforcement and the government, ruggedized equipment for our troops, secure controls used by industry, medical imaging and metering devices, cockpit display instrumentation, and GPS based navigation systems. An engineering staff experienced on a wide variety of GPUs, operating systems and platforms, can trouble shoot most any problem, generate bids for end-to-end projects, or add senior-level manpower to an existing product development team.

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